Editorial Comment on Barack’s Recent Speech




Barack Obama’s speech the other day sounded nice, but apparently Barack Obama’s plan is to borrow another 5 trillion dollars from the Federal Reserve bank (in addition to the 5.5 trillion already committed) in order to spend 10 trillion borrowed dollars in order to save the Federal Reserve bank and its fractional reserve banking system.  Excuse me, but what do we care about the Federal Reserve bank, bankers, and their self-serving fractional reserve system with its monopoly on money (currency and credit).  And, let’s be clear, borrowing 10 trillion dollars for future generations to repay to these bankers, will not save America, or its future generations of Americans, it will condemn them, the future generations, to a lifetime of involuntary service in the form of direct taxation, to repay the debts we are incurring and running up today. 


I’m not no sure that this is the American people’s best option for how to deal with this economic crisis, that has been engineered and brought about by the insidious, greedy and corrupt lending practices that the very same banks and bankers that we are now bailing out, unleashed upon us to create the crisis in the first place.  Why are we saving the Federal Reserve bank and the fractional reserve banking system, - THEY DID THIS TO US!


Instead of borrowing from the Federal Reserve bank, and incurring the inevitable enormous, back-breaking load of national debt that will result, why don’t we consider using Abraham Lincoln’s solution to the same sort of economic crisis that he faced at the beginning of the Civil War.   Just as Lincoln utilized “greenbacks” to fund the northern war effort in the 1860’s, instead of borrowing Federal Reserve notes from the bankers, we should simply print and use United States Dollars, and use them in the same way that the “greenbacks” were used during the Civil War to pay private parties then, to rebuild the nations infrastructure now.   This is what we should do instead of more borrowing, in order to recover from this crisis and rebuild the nation, without incurring any more unnecessary national debt while also detrimentally ceding more and more control over our national economic affairs to the private bankers of the Federal Reserve bank.


Instead, let’s just create and use temporarily our own national supplementary “currency” in the form of United States Dollars to be issued, that do not create and add more debt to the national debt load, as do Federal Reserve Notes, simply as a function of coming into existence for the purpose of providing the American people with a supply of currency in circulation sufficient to allow all persons in America to conduct the transactions encountered in the necessities of daily life.


Instead of borrowing this enormous sum and selling our future generations of Americans “down the river”, why don’t we instead free the American people from the perpetual and endless service of insurmountable debts effected by this fractional reserve banking system through the monopoly on money possessed by the Federal reserve bank and its insidious lending practices, and provide instead a medium of exchange, currency, that doesn’t bankrupt the American people as a result of its coming into existence, as do, or will, the Federal reserve Notes if we continue down this foolish path of allowing one party in the private sector to have a complete and total monopoly on currency and credit, as the Federal Reserve bank currently possesses.


Obama talks about “changing the ways of Washington” – but this, the endless borrowing worthless notes creating the insurmountable perpetual debts that have been incurred by the government, is the only real “way of Washington”, and it is not being terminated or change by Barack, it is being embraced, and it is being expanded.  So until Barack stops borrowing from an unconstitutional monopoly on money (the Federal Reserve bank), he hasn’t changed the “ways of Washington”, he has only made them worse by embracing them and piling on ever more debt, same as always, without changing a thing.


Obama talks about how we need to “trade old habits”, but apparently he doesn’t want to trade the oldest, most perverse, most damaging habit of all, that of borrowing more worthless notes, as money, from a bank that does not possess a single cent to back the notes it issues.  He apparently, is not going to actually “trade old habits” he is just going to practice them until they collectively “kill” us all by national bankruptcy.


The nation is “sick” from borrowing too much and incurring unwieldy debts that are too large and thereby impart too great a burden on the American people to service and repay. So, naturally the “cure” is to borrow more and incur more debt, just run it up, what the hell, more debt cures anything, and everything, right?   Apparently, debt is just like alcohol, and the debtor, is just like the alcoholic.  To get better, or at least feel better, all you have to do is consume more – yea, until it kills you at age 40.


The Federal Reserve bank and its fractional reserve banking system, extending an unconstitutional monopoly on money, in the form of a monopoly on all currency and credit given over to a private party to exercise in place of Congress, is the true root core of the crisis we face, and is the only real “problem” we must confront as a nation.  Until we recognize this fact and confront this realization about our “problem”, continued borrowing from the bank and banksters will only guarantee the inevitable bankruptcy of the nation, it will not save us.


Until we stop borrowing currency into existence from this banking beast, piling up more and more debt simply to provide an adequate supply of a medium of exchange, i.e.: the currency necessary, in sufficient supply, for the American people to have and to use simply in order to conduct the daily transactions that are necessary to sustain a peaceful, civilized society, we will not be able to halt the distress and resulting decline of our national prosperity.


Finally, Obama invokes and calls upon the current generations to emulate “the greatness of previous generations” of Americans in their actions in dealing with this economic crisis.  So, in closing I would similarly urge all American to act as previous generations have, BY THROWING OUT THIS SWINDLING FEDERAL RESERVE BANK and fractional reserve banking system, which is a system only of fundamental, unconstitutional money fraud. 


Previous generations, having recognized this fundamental truth about this fractional reserve banking system, did in fact throw out this bank TWICE, together with the operators of it under its previous charters and names, and instead took up the constitutional use of honest money, which saved America each time.  The first time was when Thomas Jefferson refused to renew the bank’s charter when it came up for renewal during his administration, and the second time is when Andrew Jackson killed the bank during his administration, depicted in cartoon below, as a beast in the form of a viperous multi-banker-headed snake.



So for GOD’S SAKE, please, invoke the greatness of these two previous generations of Americans and THROW OUT THIS FEDERAL RESERVE BANK AND ITS OPERATORS, or, at the very least, STOP BORROWING THEIR UN-BACKED, WORTHLESS FIAT CURRENCY INTO EXISTENCE as our money, and start replacing it instead with UNITED STATES DOLLARS, on a one for one basis, in order to rid ourselves of this ridiculous situation where America is forced to run a perpetual and ever-enlarging trillion dollar national debt simply in order to provide (RENT) a medium of exchange from a private party (the FED) in the form of currency for its People to have and to use, backed with the full faith and credit of the American People, and whose issuance does not create more debt simply as a function of coming into existence to be used as the medium of exchange.


Anyone who thinks that we can stave off a collective national bankruptcy of trillions of dollars by borrowing 10 trillion more fiat notes as national debts to be repaid at full face value plus interest, obviously does not understand the relationship between bankruptcy and DEBT , or the meaning of the word FIAT !  WE DON”T NEED THE FEDERAL RESERVE BANK AS A PRIVATE PARTY TO PAY RENT TO,  ANY MORE !


Thomas Freed