The Effective Re-enslavement

of Today’s Black Youth

by the White Tax System


If we examine honestly the ultimate effect of today’s tax system upon the majority of  the black  male population in America, it is fairly easy to see that the true end result of that tax system is the effective re-enslavement of the minority black male population to the wishes of the white political leadership of America, notwithstanding (irregardless of)  the election of Barack Obama.  While the actual whips and chains are of course gone, they have been replaced by compelled participation, coercion, deception, outright fraud, and a variety of financially insidious pressures that effect the same end result, -   Slave labor.   Further, while the system no longer en-slaves only the black population, it is that black minority which is one of the most heavily tasked groups in the system, and which is disproportionately served the least by it.  The plantation overseers, who keep everyone “in line” to prevent anyone from “escaping” the chains of the system, have of course, been replaced by the corporate payroll administrators who do the government’s bidding regardless of whether or not it can be legally justified and defended.  The system, of course knows that if you can control a man’s wallet, you can control the man, his life, his political beliefs and affiliations, and nearly everything else that matters.


As regards the male African American population in America, the Social Security tax system is one of the most insidiously evil tax systems ever conceived.  While the administrators pay out millions of dollars in benefits to the white middle class (including many millionaires), it pays out very little indeed to the poor it was originally supposed to serve, including the primarily economically disadvantaged minority black male population.  And the white population, of course, only pays social security tax on the first $90,000 of their individual wages.  All salaries over $90,000 are free of additional social security tax, after tax on the first $90,000 is paid. 


Meanwhile, the black male youth working for minimum wages in the inner city (at any of a variety of scarce, menial jobs) is subjected to the withholding of, at the typical single and zero allowances rate naively claimed on a W-4 by single young (black) persons, nearly 30% income tax, 7.5% social security (FICA), 5.5% State tax, and a 1% medicare/medicaid tax, for a total of almost 45% of his total pay.  Over 40% of the black male youth’s pay is taken from him before he is ever even paid a single dime, and that money, which he will never see, taken from those poor black workers, is of course, then utilized to pay the social security benefits of the retired white middle class, including many of  those (mostly white) millionaires who, as it was explained, aren’t even paying tax on all of their earnings, and all of whom don’t really need the social security benefits being paid to them as an entitlement.


My god, people, this was supposed to be a program that would serve as a safety net to help those economically disadvantaged (like black people) and the poor unfortunates who, for whatever reason (poverty, infirmity, & inflation), needed to be taken care of at the end of their lives.  The social security system was never intended to be an entitlement for the white middle and wealthy, upper classes, which is what it has undeniably turned into.   Instead of taking money from the wealthy and giving it to the poor, the system today actually does exactly the opposite, and takes money from the (minority and black) poor and disadvantaged and gives it to the white middleclass and wealthy, and non-needy, as an entitlement.  Oh my God !  The poor black youths are en-slaved and robbed (by unlawful compelled participation) so the system can pay the social security benefits to the middleclass and wealthy (or at least very well off) whites.  WHO DREAMED UP THIS SICK SHIT !  WAS IT THE RASCISTS OF THE ROOSEVELT ADMINISTRATION IN the 1930’s ????  LOOK IT UP !


As for the poor black, and other minority, population that need to be taken care of for the last ten years of their lives, well, the system makes damn sure that never happens, doesn’t it?  By setting the eligibility age for social security benefits at age 64 (generally), the white legislators and administrators have made damn sure that very few black men or women will ever get a dime out of the social security retirement system, even after being forced to pay into it for their entire working lives at the sick and ungodly rate and cost of nearly 50% of their life’s labor. 


That of course, is because the average black man DIES AT AGE 57, seven years (at best) before they are ever eligible to draw even a single penny in benefits from the system.  Black women fare a little better, but are still not well served by the system.   By NOT adjusting the eligibility age of minority groups to match their known life expectancies, and by setting those benefit eligibility ages well above the average age of death of the minority groups, the federal tax system effectively works to re-enslave the working poor and minority classes (including the black male population), by taking half their pay from them across their entire lives, and then, never giving back a single dime, while passing those funds out amongst the “ruling” white, middle and wealthy, “classes”.


End result: The black male youth is effectively re-enslaved to the white middle class and wealthy upper class running the companies, forcibly extracting the tax by deception and fraud, under color of law in the name of tax only.  And it those same wealthy and middle class people, exacting the payment from the poor laborers, to whom the bulk of the benefits are then paid. 


No safety net, little help for the poor. Great welfare system !

Who did this?  Beelzebub ?


The failure of the black political leadership to identify this income and social security tax systems as systems designed to en-snare, unconstitutionally hold down, and unlawfully hold back the rise of the black and other minority labor workers, and publicize that reality to their constituents, is in my opinion, one of the greatest political leadership failures in the history of the United States of America.  The only black person I have ever heard talk about this is Chris Rock, but he doesn’t say anywhere near enough, and of course, he isn’t really considered black political leadership now, is he?  Oh, well.


Was this the intended consequence to the black male population by the racist white designers of the tax-slave system developed in the 1930’s under the Roosevelt administration; which system they modeled after the 2nd plank of the communist manifesto?


Uh – could beee, - but, that’s another debate, and we leave that to you to figure out ?