Career Politicians Are Disgusting.


Career politicians like Lisa Murkowski, Mike Castle, and Charlie Crist, are all perfect examples of what is disgustingly wrong today with the current crop of American politicians.  They are career politicians who clearly don’t care about America, its people, their own political party, our future, or any consistent political philosophy at all, ONLY THE SELFISH EXTENSION OF THEIR OWN POLITICAL CAREERS.


These stubborn and “in denial” group of politicians refuse to accept the decision of We the People in the last primary election cycle, and appear to be ready to insist on dividing the votes of their own political party in the next general election.  (It is We the People who they are supposed to represent, isn’t it?)  But instead, they are absolutely insistent on running in the next election anyway, on an “independent” or “write-in” basis in order to pursue splitting the Republican vote in the next election, in order to make a last ditch desperate attempt to sustain their own political careers, in a failing effort to get themselves re-elected one more time, despite the voter’s rejection of their performance and policy positions in the primary elections.


The only thing these greedy selfish career politicians will succeed in doing is hurting their own Republican party’s chances of taking back control of the House and Senate in sufficient number to ensure the blockading of any further unconstitutional legislative efforts that will undoubtedly be mounted by the socialist democratic administration now in power.  They only thing they will succeed in doing is splitting their own party’s votes to ensure the real (nominated) party candidates do not get enough votes to win the election, because the democratic party is (and will be) consolidated in its support for its nominated candidate.  So, even though that Democratic party and its (economic) policy positions appeals to a smaller percentage of the population than the Republican policy positions at this point in time in the recession, the Democrats will win these seats in the general election because the Republican vote has been split between the nominee and the write-in (or independent) candidate.


Great job guys. Way to give the People what they want.  Why don’t you all just gracefully retire, put your support behind the duly nominated party candidate, and help the Republican party stop the socialist assault on the American Republic being mounted by the progressive socialist forces controlling the misguided Democratic Party at the moment, by helping to ensure that as many seats as possible be taken away from the Democratic party in the up-coming general election. 


Which, after all, is really the most important thing right now, wouldn’t you agree?


What ever happened to Thomas Jefferson’s vision (and hope) that time in political office would be performed as a public service, at great personal sacrifice, and would never be reduced to a career of feeding at the trough and sucking off the public teat.