Someone in the government has either confused “insurance” with “health care”, or has intentionally co-opted the medical agenda to divert the focus away from providing actual health care services to the American people, in order to instead, allow the insurance companies to make enormous profits “gaming” the actuarial tables of the health care “business”.   Medicine is not a business.


                  Insurance and Health Care are not the same.  How do you get to one, from the other?  Insurance is a business, and medicine is a calling.   One is for profit, the other, for the good of humanity.   That is why there is a doctor’s oath (the Hippocratic Oath) forsaking dollars and profits and making sacrosanct the delivery of needed care to all in need regardless of any ability to pay (or not).   Insurance companies deny health care benefits, they don’t provide them. THEY EXIST TO TURN A PROFIT FOR THEIR SHAREHOLDERS, NOT TO PROVIDE HEALTH CARE TO THE PEOPLE OF THE NATION.   THUS INCREASING THE OVERALL HEALTH CARE COSTS BY MAKING IT NECESSARY TO PROVIDE PROFITS FOR THE INSURANCE BUSINESSES WITHIN THE COST STRUCTURE OF THE HEALTH CARE SYSTEM.  THIS WILL RAISE overall health care costs, NOT LOWER THEM.    This will diminish the amount of care actually delivered to the People, not increase it.  Doctors and hospitals deliver health care, not the insurance companies.  AS a business, insurance companies are designed and intended to deliver PROFITS to their shareholders, not health care to the needy.  The more insurance “coverage” you have across the nation within the “system”, together with the more mandated coverage you have of the uninsurable (the insane, drug-addicted, obese, and alcoholic), the less health care will actually be delivered to those in need (because the insurance companies will deny tests and treatment), AND THE MORE EXPENSIVE CARE WILL BECOME FOR ALL as more and more profits are sucked out of the system across time by the insurance companies, who, over time, will BUY favorable legislation and legislative changes through their political control of the politicians, that will raise fees, decrease coverage, and increase the power of the insurers to deny benefits and care to ever growing numbers of people – and we are taken right back to square one.


                  To provide real health care you don’t need more insurance, or insurance companies, or insurance profits, or even insured persons, (especially not government offered, sponsored, or mandated insurance), YOU NEED:



    This, of course can be done quite easily, once it is recognized as the key to actually providing health care to the nation’s People.  How anyone can believe that providing more insurance companies (with more profits) will somehow result in providing more health care to the nation, instead of providing more doctors, nurses, and EMTs, who actually provide the health care (and are the only individuals actually qualified to do so), is a complete mystery to me.  To provide more doctors, nurses, EMTs, and medical technicians to the nation, of course, ALL YOU HAVE TO DO is pay for their education, and in exchange bind them into 5 – 7 years of national service in a new National Health Corps organization (similar to the Peace CORPS), like the military services do with their West Point, Annapolis, and Colorado Springs (Air Force) graduates. (Remember Roger Staubach and David Robinson?)   The nation must invest in (the education of doctors, nurses, etc. ,)  creating a new army of Health Care Service providers.  And this organization will function most efficiently in the field if it is organized and run as though it were a part of the military, AND USES EXISTING CURRENTLY UNDER-UTILIZED FACILITIES THAT AREADY EXIST ALL ACRIOSS THE NATION to provide the medical services to the American People, under a military-like command and control structure, with penal codes and punishments to prevent theft and fraud within the operations.



    All across the nation they are closing down and fencing off the now unused old military bases, and locking the American people out.  This existing, under-utilized network of locations (including some hospitals, clinics, and facilities), instead of being closed down and fenced off, should be better utilized and  re-conscripted back into national service. And, using the internet and digital electronic records systems, inter-connected as a national network of medical facilities THAT ARE OPENED TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC (specifically those who are unable to afford any private coverage) SO THAT THEY MAY NOW HAVE ACCESS TO A NEW NETWORK OF HEALTH CARE FACILITIES and real providers.

    This network of medical facilities and doctors should operate in a military-like fashion, operating as a secondary network of health care facilities to augment the now existing completely private network of medical health care, which will provide the network of facilities necessary to care for the nations poor who cannot afford any insurance coverage, and will ultimately provide a new supply of doctors, nurses and staff moving into and appearing in the private medical sector as the term of service expires and the grant-educated doctors and nurses move on to private practices.  The rich, well off, and most of the middle class, it would have to be imagined, would disparage the public facilities, and would therefore continue to use the private hospitals, facilities, and doctors’ practices that would continue to exist and operate for profit.


    Well that’s easy enough, PUT THE CLINICS IN THE LOCATIONS WHERE THEY ARE NEEDED MOST (infrastructure rebuild), SO THAT THE PUBLIC MOST IN NEED CAN HAVE ACCESS TO THE CLINICS.   Open all of the existing military hospitals and V.A. clinics around the country to the national system so that they may be more fully utilized in service to the nation’s People within this new network of health care facilities.

  2. NATIONAL HEALTH CORPS (like the Peace Corps)

    Create a new national HEALTH CORPS, similar in concept to the PEACE CORPS (possibly with on-base housing & meals) to staff all of these new Health Care clinics (and existing V.A. clinics and facilities which also should be improved, upgraded and more fully staffed as part of the plan).  Use nearby military bases to  provide the basic housing (and base services) for the new DOCTORS, NURSES, EMT and LAB technicians to work and live affordably within, after graduating from the national “degree” funding program outlined in Number 1 above.



    LETS NOT BE STUPID AGAIN, AND ALLOW THE GOVERNMENT TO CONTINUE TO GIVE MORE OF OUR SCARCE MONEY TO THESE PRIVATE, FOR PROFIT INSURANCE COMPANIES WHO HOLD NEAR MONPOLIES ON THE IN-STATE INSURANCE BUSINESS THEY CONTROL, INSTEAD OF BUILDING THIS NATIONAL NETWORK OF HEALTH CARE SERVICE FACILITIES AND PROVIDERS to actually provide health care to those in our society who cannot afford the private system and option.  Rather than provide another huge layer of government and insurance bureaucracy within the supposed medical system (which in reality, of course, isn’t a medical system at all – it’s a business) that must be funded (and given profits), and that ultimately must DENY BENEFITS TO THE SICK and ELDERLY, RATHER THAN PROVIDE THEM, WE SHOULD SIMPLY DEMAND THAT CONGRESS  WRITE NEW LAW TO ALLOW INTERSTATE COMPETITION REGARDING THE PURCHASE OF OUR HEALTH CARE INSURANCE POLICIES.  Then Congress could legally tax all those who chose that out-of-state (interstate commerce) option for acquiring their health care policies, and in-state monopolies would have to wake up and compete with the out-of-state offerings (yeah), or go out of business.