The Constitutional RIGHT to Own an Assault Weapon


Yea, that's right, I said it: "You have a constitutional RIGHT to own an assault weapon !"


Not just a gun, but a real (and fully automatic) assault weapon !  Why?  Because of the language used in the Second Amendment of course !   It's really very simple, and totally understandable to any sane and rational mind that operates from a recognition of the factual reality controlling our physical existence (as opposed to an absolute fantasy about it).   This of course was all well understood by our founding fathers (if not today's politicians), who, going to the fundamental preservation of the nation as a free and secure State, insisted on the inclusion of the 2nd Amendment before formally adopting the Constitution.   The 2nd Amendment plainly and clearly says:


"A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."


This Amendment plainly intends that in order for an effective Militia to be able to be quickly and efficiently raised from the population in order to defend the nation (or its people, lands, or operations), by force if necessary, in time of invasion or emergency, the absolute right of the people to keep and bear "Arms" shall not be infringed.  This clearly states that the right of the people to bond together into a (well regulated) Militia force to defend the nation, its people, or interests, from invasion, lawlessness, or oppression, is not to be infringed.  It applies to both the federal and the State governments, which have no legal jurisdiction to interfere with the thus constitutionally secured, and federally managed defense of the nation, which may require the calling into action of an effective, well-armed Militia.


Of course, it should be obvious that in order for a Militia in any nation to be able to adequately and surely defend (and quickly be able to defend when called) the nation effectively, and operate as a viable and effective (quasi-) military force, it is absolutely necessary that members of the Militia (the general population) be armed beforehand, at least to the same extent and degree that the invaders, insurgents or oppressors are, or could be, or are anticipated to be. After all, we know what happens when one population that is armed with last century's technology or weapons (bows and arrows for example) gets invaded by a population armed with a newer weapons technology (gunpowder for instance).


Or, say, if an invading force armed with AK-47 or AR-15 equivalent assault weaponry, is opposed by a force armed only with muskets and revolvers!   Suppose the founding fathers had only secured the people's right to own a musket and or pistol, or other non-repeating "Arms".  Ha!  can you imagine?  We'd have been conquered long ago, probably by Mexico, or maybe the Apache!  Inherent in the 2nd Amendment's Right to bear arms, is the Right of the people to own the most recently developed technology, and most recently developed personal arms capabilities, that have been developed and are available anywhere in the world.  Particularly where it might be anticipated that an invading force (or insurgency) might be armed with that same personal Arms capability, technology, or weaponry.


Today, the "other" side (the enemy), i.e.: radicals, cartels, criminals, and other endangering elements of the world's population (communists), are already primarily armed with AK-47 or equivalent, fully or semi-automatic assault weaponry.  This is an indisputable fact of life in the world today.  These weapons are already possessed by "them", and others who have sworn to kill us at any cost (including the loss of their own lives), and they are being used by "them" against us every day in other parts of the world.  Therefore, in order to be prepared and ready to effectively operate as a Militia if called to duty; in order to be able to effectively oppose the Arms already possessed and routinely used by the members of what potentially represents the enemy or "the other side", or "them"; in order to defend against the level of technology and weaponry that probably would be used by the enemy to attack America, its people, or its interests; it is absolutely necessary that the American people themselves, as the potential majority members of the possible Militia called to stand, be equivalently armed beforehand, wherever they choose to be.  Because it is their constitutionally recognized God given Right to be able to defend themselves, the nation, their families and their property from assault, invasion, lawlessness, and tyrannical oppression.


People who want to be silly argue: "Well where does it stop?"  "Should people be allowed to have nuclear bombs and aircraft carriers, too?"   I always tell them: "Don't be an idiot !   Neither of those things qualify as the  personal "Arms" that are authorized under the 2nd Amendment !"  But history teaches us that if the enemy has already got it, you better have it too, or you will be destroyed, because true safety and security does not come from the absence of all firearms, but rather comes only from the possession, and physical presence, of the best firearms!    by Thomas Freed