In 1984 John Baptist Kotmair, Jr. founded the Save-A-Patriot Fellowship organization after seeing the need for a financial support organization for individual Patriots within the Constitutional Revivalist Movement - the movement to re-establish the strict adherence by those in government to the actual written laws, and the federal and State Constitutions.


The Fellowship would support any member who had suffered from the loss of either property or Liberty by a wrongful act of some government official (IRS). Recognizing the benefits of this plan, the idea took off among Patriots, and the Fellowship grew. And after the first claimant (member) collected his total damages for the wrongful confiscation of his property (%100 value of the taken property), it really started to grow as word spread among informed Americans that there was now an organization to join that is capable of defending you and your property from the machinations and wrongful takings of the I.R.S.


Soon after its inception, members started asking for help with investigations into administrative IRS problems, and the Fellowship started accepting Power-of-Attorney forms from members in order to make F.O.I.A and Privacy Act requests into the procedures used by IRS employees - to make sure they stayed within the confines and authorities of the actual written laws. The results of these requests revealed that IRS Revenue Agents and Officers often were not following the law and the regulations relating thereto. In addition, these agents were somewhat taken aback by these inquires, which seemed to cause many of these tax assessment efforts to abruptly end. When news of this got around, the Fellowship grew like a wild fire, and by the early 1990s, 40 patriots were needed in-house to handle administrative operations and to take care of casework development and paralegal work.


By 1993 the IRS was visibly worried with the growth in the Fellowship membership, with its growing knowledge of the Internal Revenue Code and its regulations, and with the successes the fellowship members were having in stopping wrongful IRS tax collection actions, and in securing not guilty jury verdicts in a number of misguided criminal trials for alleged failures to file. So, they started a criminal investigation of me, again, and raided the Fellowship on December 10th. To make a long story short, we defeated them in court, again, and got a very favorable decision establishing the fact that the Fellowship had no obligation to keep books and records for IRS purposes. You can just imagine what those within the IRS felt about this turn of events in the courts. Well, it took them ten years, but they finally figured out - be it right or wrong - what to do about it.


In 2003 they began investigating me for operating an abusive tax shelter program. It didn't matter to them that none of the operations of the Save-A-Patriot Fellowship fell within any of the illegal activities described in the law. In May of 2005, they finally filed suit and merely alleged that the Fellowship activities were in violation of the law. As most of you know, this led to three solid years of defending against this nonsense all the way up to the United States Supreme Court. But the end result was that federal judge William Nickerson, without any evidence of wrong-doing or actual violation of any law, without any hearing or trial, and in violation of the rules governing the federal courts, issued an injunction against me and the Fellowship staff that if violated, would insure jail time for each of us. This injunction, for all intents and purposes, ended most of the Fellowship's educational efforts about the true application of the federal tax laws and our ability to directly assist Fellowship members with IRS issues and tax problems. It was just one more example of how those in government today are totally out of control as they attempt to replace our Republican government of limited powers with one of an all-encompassing supreme omnipotence.


By 1994, I began to see the need for a more widespread way to educate our fellow Americans. And the method that kept coming up, for reaching as many Americans as possible with the least amount of effort, was talk radio. So, members of the Fellowship banded together in 1998 and started the Liberty Works Radio Network. It was a commercial effort, but being under funded, we ran out of money before we could get it off the ground. However, two good things came out of that effort. One was the involvement of Sabatino Cupelli, a true American patriot who has been in radio all his life, and the second was a renewed commitment to make Liberty Works Radio Network work.


Sab, as we call him, kept in touch, and in May of 2009 Sab committed his radio station (WIFL 104.3 FM, in Central Florida) to playing LWRN programming 24/7, and we put the network back on the air. This time around though, instead of being dependent on commercial revenues, we were going to fund and support Liberty Works like Save-A-Patriot Fellowship before it, through membership in a new Liberty Works Radio Network Fellowship. And so we started the long effort to make it work, and to make it grow.


It didn't take very long for the IRS to try to hurt the effort financially. First, they deposed me about alleged, but non-existent violations of the injunction order. When that didn't work, they started making calls to Sab in an obvious effort to intimidate him. And when that didn't work either, they started calling on the commercial advertisers of WIFL (now WOGF), inquiring as to whom they were paying for their commercials. A couple of advertisers were scared off, but many were not, and so LWRN continued its progress.


Then, out of the blue, came the current problem - the one that we need Patriots to help us with. A tax-exempt organization, Citrus County Association for Retarded Citizens filed suit against Nature Coast Broadcasting, Inc., the corporation that owns WOGF, claiming default on a mortgage without any proof of their claim. It was admitted in their complaint to the Circuit Court of Citrus County that the underlying promissory note was lost. Well, under normal circumstances, that would be enough for it to be thrown out of any court for "NO CAUSE OF ACTION,' but that's not what was done here. Despite the existence of CONTESTED FACTS - a situation that requires a trial (that is, except in this case) - the judge issued an order establishing a judgment of some six hundred thousand dollars, and appointed a receiver to take over the operation of the radio station. But, believe it or not, the rules of the Federal Communications Commission stand in the way of these evildoers, and would prevent them from taking over and operating the station, since Sab is the holder of the FCC station license. But not to be deterred by such things as FCC regulations, these individuals came with a court order and Deputy Sheriffs and proceeded to seize all the radio broadcasting equipment.


In order to put a halt to this confiscation, Sab filed a Chapter 11 bankruptcy in the federal court in Tampa, Florida, and gave notice of this to everyone involved. According to federal law, the filing of a petition for bankruptcy puts all actions to collect debts on hold, including actions that have taken place within the preceding 90 days, pending the resolution of that bankruptcy. Therefore, any property that has been taken within that time, as was the case here, must be returned. Well, these individuals care no more for bankruptcy laws than for FCC regulations, and are now openly defying them as well. By refusing to return the equipment, they're flirting with being held in contempt of the bankruptcy court. So either these individuals are insane, or they must have someone with some powerful pull behind them.


Be that as it may, their actions are succeeding in putting WOGF in a financial bind, not being able to sell commercial time, yet with continuing expenses to cover. And due to the connection between LWRN and WOGF, we too are being affected.


Because Nature Coast Broadcasting is a corporation, and cannot therefore represent itself in court, funds must be raised to hire a bankruptcy lawyer, and they are not inexpensive. On the plus side however, if we can last financially, there is an open and shut civil suit against Citrus County Association for Retarded Citizens, and the principals thereof. It would be ironic indeed, if the future funding for LWRN comes out of this attack on it. Such an event, in my belief, would truly be the Work of Our Lord.




Those of you who have been financially supporting the LWRN effort, PLEASE CONTINUE TO DO SO, AND SEND THE MUCH NEEDED SUPPORT NOW!!


Those who maintain a talk show as a host, PLEASE STAY WITH US AS WE GO THROUGH WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE TO GET WOGF BACK ON THE AIR. You are still being streamed over [2] (including in additional time slots), and we are working night and day to get back on the airwaves.


Those of you that have not been regular financial supporters, please consider sending whatever you can to help save this much needed effort. Every day brings more evidence of the need for a major Patriot news outlet; without one we are just spinning our wheels, and wasting precious financial resources. WE CANNOT AFFORD TO LET THE ENEMIES OF OUR CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC WIN THIS DESPERATE BATTLE IN WHICH WE ARE ENGAGED.


This e-mail is being sent to a few thousand Patriots. If enough of you respond, the retainer will be paid to the bankruptcy attorney. If you do not respond, we will not be able to retain the attorney, and the bankruptcy will be dismissed with all being lost. There has been too much time, blood, sweat and tears put into LWRN for this to happen. We know times are tight, but I think you will agree, the sacrifice, and opportunity to save this Republic is worth it.


If any of you have any questions that may be standing in the way of your sending support, please do not hesitate to contact me by e-mail giving me your full contact information, and write in the subject line of that e-mail "Florida station question."


And last, but not least, I want to take this opportunity to thank all of you that have been praying for me regarding my recent unwanted trip to the hospital. I am, with the help of your prayers, on the way to what appears to be a full recovery. It seems that God must have more work for me to do, for which I need your help.


John Kotmair Founder, Save-A-Patriot Fellowship and Liberty Works Radio Network Fellowship


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