The Democrat Controlled U.S. Circuit Courts are

Creating the Single Payer Healthcare System

that the Democratic Congress Couldn't Pass


The democrats' Congressional-Executive monopoly that existed from 2008 to 2010 couldn't pass a single payer healthcare bill as law, but apparently that's not going to stop the democrat-appointed judges of the U.S. Circuit Courts from doing it for them in rebellion, by creating an operational single payer system, instead of one in statute enacted by Congress!

The reason why the statutes and the law specifically state that Obamacare subsidies will be distributed to enrollees of the State healthcare exchanges (and not to any enrollees in any federal exchange), is to specifically encourage the enrollees to enroll in their own state exchange system, rather than enroll in a federal exchange (where no subsidy would be available), in order to ensure that there would NOT be a single-payer federal system.   After all, if you can get subsidized help from either the State or the federal government;  and given the unlimited resources of the federal government through its exclusive access to the Federal Reserve system - which is denied the States, in comparison with the very limited resources of most of the individual States, - then who in their right mind would ever sign up with the State exchange, rather than the federal government's ???

Eventually of course, a clear majority of the population would be signed up with the federal exchange (and its financial resources), making it impossible for the State exchanges to have a large enough enrollment base of healthy individuals to remain economically viable.  Thus, the State exchanges would eventually, one by one,  collapse, forcing the entire population onto the federal exchange, - thus creating the single payer system in operation that could not be enacted into law by the legislature for lack of popular support, even amongst the Democratic congressional majority-monopoly that existed at the time the law was enacted !  

The law is clear.  No subsidies are authorized to be paid to any federal healthcare exchange enrollee;  ONLY the States' exchange enrollees are included as being eligible.

The OMMISSION in the law of the federal exchange's enrollees' eligibility, was INTENTIONAL !!!   -  


Now the liberal democrat-appointed judges of the Circuit Courts are taking it upon themselves to rebel against the law and the Constitution (again), and re-write the law on their own (like the 16th Amendment), and in so doing, create the single-payer federal healthcare system that it was specifically denied (by the democratic Congress and President) was being created at the time the law was enacted !

"This is a case of statutory interpretation ...  Such a case does not ‘gut’ or ‘destroy’ anything. On the contrary, the court is upholding the Act as written. Congress is free to amend the ACA to provide for tax credits in both state and federal exchanges, if that is the legislative will.”   U.S. District Judge Ronald White of the Eastern District of Oklahoma

The ruling comes after the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals and the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals have ruled in opposite directions on the Obama administration’s interpretation of the law that subsidies for exchanges “established by a State” may also include exchanges established by the federal government, even though the law never originally provided that subsidies could be given through any federal exchange, only to the States' enrollees.   Arguing that the law was somehow ambiguous, the government further argued the I.R.S. had deference in re-constructing the rules implementing the statute, contrary to the statute's clear command and limits.    This judge correctly  rejected that nonsense.

However, the democrat-appointed Circuit Court judges are ALL seditious, lying, communistic bastards, who should all be impeached, or shot immediately after trial for TREASON !    They are going to REVERSE this correct holding, and if the Supreme Court does not take the case and reverse the Circuit Courts' decisions, we are all going to be stuck with the federal single payer system that will result, which of course will end up delivering the same type and quality of healthcare available today to the veterans in today's  existing federal single payer healthcare system - the VA, where nearly the entire budget is consumed, not providing healthcare, but by the government's administrative bloated, incompetent and corrupt bureaucracy, who deliver no healthcare and no medicine or procedure, but rather consume all of the program's precious resources themselves, so that the veteran patients end up dying while waiting in line to get an appointment to see the doctor who will prescribe their aspirin (to the living) or oxycontin (to the dying) !

The D.C. Circuit’s ruling will be heard again in an en banc hearing on December 17, with all of the Democrat-appointed judges getting an opportunity to likely reverse the 3 panel judge ruling upholding the law as written, and replacing it with their communistic nonsense, effectively implementing the single payer health care system that the liberal elitists really wanted all along to enact under the Obama presidency and administration, before they are all thrown out of office by a disgusted national constituency.

There are at least two more rounds of appeal for the Obama administration in this Oklahoma case, first through the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals, then the Supreme Court.

But just like the D.C. and Fourth Circuits, the liberal activist judges on the 10th Circuit are stacked with Democrat appointees, making a favorable ruling for the state of Oklahoma, which brought the case, far less likely, and the improper and  unconstitutional exercise of judicial legislation by the Circuit Court PIGS, MOST PROBABLE.



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