Jails and Nursing Homes, Prisoners and Senior Citizens,



On a sick humorous note, here's the way it could be. Suppose today we reversed things, and put all our senior citizens in jail, and all the criminals in nursing homes.

At first this sounds like a horrible idea and a terrible thing to say, but look what happens in today’s upside-down world of very-real progressive-political-insanity.  

All of our Seniors would immediately have access to free room and board, showers, hobbies and walks.  They would receive unlimited free prescriptions for medicine and treatments, dental and surgical, wheel chairs, etc.  They would receive money instead of having to pay it out.  They would have constant video monitoring, so they would be helped instantly if they fell or needed assistance.  Bedding would be washed twice a week, and all clothing would be washed, ironed and returned to them.  A nurse-maid (guard) would check on them every 20 minutes and all meals and snacks would be brought to them in their rooms. They would have family visits in a suite built for just that purpose for them.


They would have access to magazine prescriptions, a library, weight room, fitness equipment, spiritual counseling, a pool, and equivalency or on-going adult education services, and free admission to in-house concerts by nationally recognized entertainment artists.   Simple clothing – i.e., shoes, slippers, pj's - and legal aid would be free, upon request.  There would be private, secure rooms provided for all with an outdoor exercise yard complete with gardens. Each senior would have a P.C., T.V., phone and radio in their room at no cost.  If they wanted one, they would all be given “jobs”.  They would receive daily phone calls.  There would be a board of directors to hear any complaints, and the ACLU would fight for their rights and protection.  The guards would have a code of conduct to be strictly adhered to, with attorneys available, at no charge to them, to protect the seniors and their families from abuse or neglect.

As for the criminals in the nursing homes:
They would receive cold cheap food served at irregular hours.
They would be left alone and unsupervised, locked in a small room without windows, tied to their beds for hours at a time, especially at night.

They would sleep in their own urine and feces, unless someone happened to show up at three in the morning to let them up.  

They would receive (cold?) pressure-less showers once a week.
They would live in tiny rooms, for which they would have to pay $5,000 per month, and share with an insane person who stole their stuff.
They would have little or no chance, or even hope, of ever getting out alive.

And they would remain forgotten and uncared for till the day they died!

Now, if that Sounds like justice” to you, you might just be a conservative, or at least a Tea-Party Libertarian, after all!