OK, Iíll Play, Letís Suppose Iím Wrong


If we accept the governmentís claim that they are authorized to tax the fruits of our labor directly, as they have been doing.What is the end result of an extension of that power to its theoretical ends?


If we accept the governmentís argument that the first tax (under the Tariff act in 1913) was actually imposed on the income of citizens in America in the direct fashion that it is claimed (rather than only to be withheld from foreigners as has been shown), and that the Supreme Court upheld that claim, then the government has the right to change the rate of taxation to whatever percent it deems necessary (or desirable), and there is nothing you can do about it!Right?


You can see that the tax originated at only 1% , and everybody knows that todayís rates have been raised to 15%, 28%, 31%, 36%, etc., and there is nothing we can do about it except pay the tax, because the government holds the power to do this.Right?††† Then Ö


If we take this assumed taxing power to its theoretical extreme, what is the obvious end result when the government decides it is necessary or desirable to tax the fruits of our labor at a rate of 100%.†††




What happens if we allow this system to exist is:




When the government decides to raise the rate to 100% (because, under this system, it can you know), and you are left with nothing for your dayís labor, without anything at all to eat, or wear, or sleep in, or live in, or exchange for any of these things after a hard dayís work (and it will be hard, believe me), will you then understand, and come to wish, that you had thought this all through now and taken action?


You see, as soon as you concede the power to tax directly at even 1% , you give away everything you ever had, your property, your labor, your wealth, your freedom, everything.Once the power to take directly is granted, you cannot dispute how much is taken.


So, either I am right on all of this, or in accepting the governmentís proposition that it now may tax directly (because of the 16th Amendment), you abandon your private property rights, you abandon your right to work, you abandon your right to control and dispose of the fruits of your own labors as you see fit, and you deny the existence and protections of the 13th Amendment (which bars slavery and involuntary servitude).You abandon the founding fatherís vision for the nation, you abandon their legacy of freedom and prosperity and rule by self-determination that they fought so hard to acquire and that so many of them gave their lives to secure for you and your progeny, and you abandon all hope for your children to ever truly experience any of these things.


If you accept these assertions, you accept that the entire nation and all of its property and all of its labor has been completely socialized under the 2nd Plank of the Communist Manifesto (and others) and that our entire system of private property was converted in an instant by this Supreme Court decision and tariff act in 1913 (without telling the American People of that course of action).


Finally, you accept that the ultra-conservative Supreme Court of 1913 knowingly did all of these things, after completely rejecting all of them in the Pollock v Farmer's Loan & Trust Co. decision just a few short years before!


In that instant where you accept this claim of the government (IRS), in the twinkling of an eye, everything is converted to the socialized property of the state, and the citizens are left with only what the state deems it necessary or prudent to leave the poor peons with (formerly We The People).


I guarantee you the Supreme Court of 1913 didnít do that, and if they had, it would be our duty under the Constitution to undo their ghastly deed, just as we un-did the Dred Scott decision and the slavery laws of the South.


But they didnít.They tell you in the very first sentence of the Brushaber decision that the income tax is part of a tariff act (which can only apply in the foreign jurisdiction, (mostly to foreign activity) and cannot be applied within the fifty states to a citizen).


And thatís what is still in the law today, a tax that is collected at the source, indirectly, through the duty to retain and pay or withhold tax from subject persons, who are all foreign.


So, you can believe me - and take heart through your own faith in God that I am exposing the irrefutable fact that something extremely sinister is afoot here, or you can abandon everything you have ever been taught to believe in about America, our freedom, the Constitution and your rights under it, forever.


Think about it, and then choose carefully what you will accept, and who you will accept it from.


The government is lying to you (again, still, and always - WMD).


Thomas Freed