Here's What Happens If Obama Is Re-elected...


1.                 Gasoline and heating oil prices will continue to rise all across America, while production is further hindered by the administration's policies, so our national energy costs will continue to go up.

2.                 Healthcare insurance premiums and doctor's costs will continue to rise.

3.                 Many employers will stop offering and providing medical coverage for the worker's family, or the worker, or both.

4.                 The IRS will get a lot bigger, and wield even more power.

5.                 Government bureaucrats will be forced to begin rationing health care to the elderly as a function of supply and demand (more patients, less doctors).

6.                 The conservative majority on the Supreme Court will probably be replaced with more socialists (like Sotomayor & Kagan)!

7.                 Social Security, Medicare & Medicaid will all accelerate towards bankruptcy, without any reform.

8.                 Illegal immigration will continue to be ignored (except the violent and criminal).

9.                 Even more  people will be put on food stamps, apply for unemployment benefits, and go on welfare.

10.          The economy will falter again (double-dip recession).

11.          Unemployment will start rising again.

12.          Ben Bernanke will be re-appointed as head of the FED by Obama.

13.          The banks (not We the People) will get more "free" (printed) money from the FED, further devaluing the dollars in our pockets and paychecks (and savings and investment accounts), resulting in higher inflation rates.

14.          The FED will keep running out the currency to create the illusion of sustainability in Obama's redistribution plans (to his friends and cronies!).

15.          The stock market will crash, as its current rise has been artificially engineered by the FED stimulus, and is not based on any real business reason or financial rational.

16.          The homes of many  American will be worth even less than they are today.

17.          Home foreclosures will rise.

18.          Personal and business bankruptcy filings will dramatically increase.

19.          Many business properties (commercial real estate) will  be worth less.

20.          Obama's unconstitutional class warfare will escalate, possibly becoming violent (OWS).

21.          There will be more bankruptcies of government subsidized companies like Solyndra.

22.          No agricultural or ethanol subsidy programs will be cut, so corn will stay expensive.

23.          Everybody's food costs will thus go up, as FOOD COSTS MORE.

24.          Many more regulations, and thus costs, will be imposed on the American businesses.

25.          Many taxes will go up, including income, employment, healthcare, gift, and estate taxes!

26.          The national debt clock will keep running, and will continue to accelerate (past 20 trillion).

27.          Jobs will be scarce.

27.          The absolute political gridlock on Capitol Hill will continue for four more years! (Because a Republican majority in Congress with a popular mandate to cut the national debt, will be confronted with a Democratic President who is ideologically opposed to such course of action!)

28.          The Chinese economy will improve, but the American economy will not.

29.          Fanatical Islamic terrorism will continue to increase, world-wide.

30.          Israel will be left alone to face a nuclear Iran.

31.          More Americans (ambassadors, consulate workers, and tourists) will die around the world, - for lack of real interest in security, - for lack of belief by Obama that terrorism is real, and his denial that fundamentalist Islamic religious fanatics are a real world problem.

32.          The size of the federal government will continue to grow.

33.          While the government gets larger, your Rights will get smaller.

34.          The historical American freedom that we have all known for most of our lives, will begin to die!

35.          The nation's existence as a Republic, and the philosophy of a representative American government of limited, specifically enumerated legal powers, will effectively be destroyed.

36.          The socialization (communization) of America will effectively be completed.

37.          The U.S. Constitution will start to smolder, literally!

38.          A national bankruptcy will become even more inevitable.


The re-election of Barrack Obama is the proverbial "Road to Hell" !  You know, the one "paved with good intentions" !  (that just don't work in reality)