In order to regain and take back our nation’s heritage of Liberty and Freedom as well as our own sovereignty, there are a number of things that We the People, the true Sovereign, need to correct.  Specifically, we need to take back control over:


1.)     Our Broadcast Airwaves – which do not really serve us as a nation because they are privately owned, and which are being misused to manipulate our national elections,

2.)     Our Politicians – who do not represent us because they are too busy representing the corporations  that have bought their allegiance and services with their campaign contributions, and

3.)     Our Monetary system – which needlessly and foolishly enslaves us to the re-payment of an ever increasing debt.


       I believe that as long as we allow the network broadcast companies to control the elections by charging the politicians money for air time, we will never have an honest government again, because only the corrupt (or willing to be corrupted) can raise the sums of money necessary to carry (buy) an election in today’s political reality.  More and more, only millionaires run for (higher) office(s), and only they have any real chance of winning against an incumbent.  Our elections are no longer won or lost on new ideas or philosophical differences, those elements of the political debate have been completely removed from the political system by the money-ed interests that do not want those elements involved in their control over the existing political reality.


       Our broadcast networks (ABC, NBC, CBC, FOX etc.) were given their national broadcast network licenses because they promised to do public service in exchange for being given the exclusive (monopolistic) broadcast licenses.  Unfortunately, their idea of public service turns out to be nothing more than government propaganda nonsense (like eggs frying in a pan are your brains on drugs).  Mindlessly distributing government propaganda is not a public service, it is a public dis-service.


       My opinion is that the only true public service the broadcast companies can possibly perform in exchange for being given the broadcast licenses, is to put every qualified candidate in every election on the air for exactly the same amount of time FOR FREE !


       We need to remove completely the element of money and wealth from our elections and election process, so that the wealthy and corrupt will no longer be able to buy our elected offices, which is clearly what is happening today.  By forcing the networks to put every candidate on the air for exactly the same amount of time (many hours), and forbidding the purchase of any other air time by the candidates or their supporters, we can remove money from the election equation completely, and restore the balance that comes from choosing the candidates that are the most qualified by their ideas and capabilities instead of simply those that are the richest and have the most to spend.  


       We need to remove money completely from the election process because otherwise the cost of running for office will prevent any ordinary persons from ever running.   Thomas Jefferson’s concept of political office as public service will be completely dead.  We will only get very, very, very wealthy candidates, who will never represent the common man (only the corporations),   who will only continue the un-representative system of corporate corruption that we have today, thus eventually destroying the representative system of government provided by the Constitution.


       Why are corporations allowed to participate in our elections and political processes at all ?  They don’t vote !  They are not supposed to be represented – IT’S WE THE PEOPLE who are the Sovereign power and are supposed to be represented as such, NOT the corporations!! 


Why are the corporations allowed to use their money and wealth to lobby Capitol Hill and contribute money to anyone’s political campaign at all? Because of this, our political system has somehow evolved into a system of open and outright corporate, political bribery, where the un-represented corporations use their money and wealth to buy influence and laws that serve the corporations, but which do not represent the best interestes of the American People, which are conveniently subjugated to the interests of the corporations. We have a system now of little more than open, corporate bribery of the politicians, to serve them, the corporations, rather than serve We the People. Corporations should be barred entirely from participating in the election and political processes because they are nothing but a corrupting presence that diminishes our representation, and effects their own through what should be recognized as outright unlawful bribery.


Why are they allowed to buy influence, manipulate legislation, and often control our elected politicians, and our national policies to exact the end result (legislation) they desire, rather than what We the People are demanding?


Wake UP America !  YOU HAVE BEEN SOLD OUT !!


       This corruption and takeover of the political system by the wealthy and their corporations is already nearly complete, and it is probably too late for America to prevent it from happening.  But, if not, then removing the control by money from the election process is what must be done first; because if we can get the money out of the elections (take back our air waves), we can get and elect candidates that will represent us (take back our politicians) instead of the private corporations, and who will change the damn Federal Reserve, fractional reserve banking system (take back our money), whose corrupting presence is destroying our People and their productivity, and our Nation and its solvency.


       Now, I’m not suggesting that we change the corporate status of the broadcast companies, I’m simply saying that they should be required to provide a large block of air time to each qualified candidate, and prevented by law from selling more time than the free block provides, so that every candidate in the election has equal access and equal opportunity, and so that the elections will no longer be bought and sold by the money-ed interests controlling the American political landscape today.