How was this Obamacare system actually designed to work ?  Can you apply independent critical thinking to your own analysis ?


Policy premium costs are going up all over the country, by 2 - 3 times (double to triple). 

Policy co-pay costs are doubling to tripling.   

Policy deductible costs are doubling to tripling.

All low-cost policies providing only the catastrophic coverage that many consumers specifically preferred and chose for both their own healthcare, and economic, reasons, have been deemed substandard by the Obamacare law, and are no longer an allowed as a low-cost, reasonably priced healthcare choice option for the public to choose. 


So how are costs going down, anywhere ?   Was this law designed to increase costs, or lower them ? What happened?  Does even more lack of competition, resulting from the new law, have anything to do with it?


Also, it is clear that the number of doctors participating in the new government healthcare delivery networks are shrinking, with fewer and fewer doctors choosing to participate, because many doctors are refusing to accept the new plans minimal reimbursement payment levels.  This of course means that there will immediately be a shortage of doctors within the exchange networks, which means their time will have to be rationed across a large enrolled population base, or nurses will have to replace doctors throughout much of the system's initial delivery of care and services at the healthcare network service facilities and offices.


Finally while 85,000 (eighty-five thousand) people may have acquired private healthcare coverage so far in the first two months of  Obamacare (and 300,000 more enrolled in the government's Medicare/Medicaid), there are at least 8,500,000 (eight million five hundred thousand) people (probably), -spread across 5 - 6 million cancelled policies, who, on the contrary, have lost their healthcare coverage because of the Obamacare law.   So now there are more uncovered Americans than before Obamacare.  Was this law designed to provide private insurance coverage, or to destroy it ?


Was the Obamacare law supposed to provide coverage to more people, or take it away from a hundred million people (potentially, - when "substandard" thresholds are applied to the employer based policies, which application has been delayed for a year unconstitutionally by Obama's changing the law through his own Executive orders, in order to prevent the loss-of-policy crises and democratic disaster from occurring before the next election in 2014)?     Obamacare is clearly taking away more private coverage than it is providing, by a factor of 10 to 1.   At this rate, the private insurance industry will be completely destroyed before even 1 million people (out of some 30 million uninsured) sign up for Obamacare.  


Is this why Nancy Pelosi said they had to pass the Obamacare law before the American people could read it, and knew what was in it ?


Before Obamacare passed, why did people buy insurance in the first place?   Well obviously they wanted help paying for unexpected health costs when they occurred, but, in a true bottom-line analysis, one is forced to admit that people bought insurance because unless you already had insurance when something bad happened to you, the insurance company won't pay to cover the costs of your treatment and recovery from the injury or sickness!   This refusal to cover happened because of the pre-existing condition rule that excluded coverage of any condition that existed before insurance coverage was obtained.


But not any more. 


Now, under Obamacare, that pre-existing condition exclusion has ended.  There is no more exclusion of pre-existing conditions allowed under the new law!


So now, explain to me again why I need healthcare insurance at all now,  - that is, - until I get injured or sick ?   Have they destroyed the need for insurance at all ?   I mean, until you get hurt or sick ?  Does this sound like a sane or viable way to run an insurance operation ?   Do they really want to perpetuate and safeguard the private insurance market and its accessibility and availability to the American people, or are they secretly and deceptively legislating to insidiously destroy the entire private system and replace it with a (government) single payer system, by legislating away the need to even have insurance until you are injured or sick?


Next, the healthcare law designers claim that the success of the whole program was designed to be hinged on the enrolling of the young to balance the costs of treating the injured and sick.  But the young are specifically exempted by other provisions of the law, which allows them to stay on their parents insurance plan until age 26 !!   So how will you ever enroll the young in sufficient number to balance the cost of treating the sick and injured, when they are already insured  through their parents ?


And the Obama government is still today trying to sell "enrolling" in Obamacare to the young, but again, the young are specifically exempted by the provisions of the law, allowing them to stay on their parents insurance plan to age 26 !!  Why would they ever sign up for an expensive plan they don't need, and can't really afford ? What they hell, are you selling them, philosophy, or healthcare ?    Propaganda, or treatment ?


Additionally, Obamacare is really hurting the economy because it is undermining and destroying the historical American 40 hour work week, by promoting a 29 hour work-week as a low-cost part-time employment option for the employer to utilize in hiring new employees.  It is a low-cost employment option because workers hired on the 29 hour part-time basis are exempt from the requirement for the employer to provide healthcare coverage for them as part of the employment, and part-time workers generally make at least a little less per hour than the full-time employees.  


But the 40 hour work-week is the basis of our entire national economy!  If you mess with this national foundation, you will completely destroy the American economy, in its entirety, within a few years, because part time work means the worker will probably need government assistance (food stamps, unemployment, welfare, etc.) to get by.  So this part-time reality grows the welfare state and expands the people's dependence on government and virtually guarantees the national economy will continue to suffer and stagnate, as government sucks more and more capital out of the hands of the people in the even more oppressive taxation necessary in order to support the daily needs of the ever-expanding welfare rolls bankrupting the Treasury.


Obamacare is undermining the employer's motivation to expand business operations (by hiring more full-time employees) in order to conduct more business. If businesses do not expand operations and business, the economy will not grow.   But now, because of the  still unknown nature of the true extent of the costs of the Obamacare mandates, employers all over the country have put nearly all plans to expand business and hire more workers, on hold.  Thus we have economic stagnation, soon to become the inevitable stag-flation.


Obamacare is also undermining and destroying in America the historical one-job to one-worker relationship as well.   It is now creating an abusive 58 hour, low-cost work-week for the employer to enjoy, to increase work-loads on the workers with improved productivity, and of course, higher profits, but not with bigger worker paychecks.  In fact the worker's pay will be low-rate and part-time, forever, because part-time workers have no political or economic leverage to apply in negotiating for higher wages for the part-time work!   They are almost considered part of the unseen, near "underground" economy.   The very nature of the employment (part-time) diminishes the status, ability, and capacity of the workers to negotiate effectively with the employer in their own interests, because they themselves are not critical or essential.  Part-time work ultimately becomes a take it or leave it proposition for the worker, with no rights of appeal or negotiation to exercise with the employer.


Thus, Obamacare is destroying our national system of employer-based health care coverage because it is motivating the employers to terminate their health care coverage plans and offerings, and instead just pay a far cheaper annual fine (oh excuse me, a "tax"), and push the American people onto the new government run Obamacare healthcare exchanges to secure their healthcare insurance coverage from one of the government's four plan coverage options. 


That's right, 4 (four) choices (Bronze, Silver Gold & Platinum) ?    They call this a market place ?  Competition ???  Are they insane??   Weren't there a whole lot more choices before Obamacare ?   How is this helping to provide more healthcare choices, rather than less.  Are you kidding me ?


This government-as-provider system will ultimately destroy the private, employer-based insurance system that has been so successful the last 60 years in insuring 75% of the population without incurring much (if any) cost to the government.  But now, some 90% of the insured will become dependent upon the government for that insurance, and that will drive the nation's costs through the roof almost immediately. 


But of course, they are just going to print the money!  And of course, the real intention of the authors of the Obamacare legislation, is now obviously clear at this point, i.e.: it was not to provide private insurance to the poor as pitched and presented,  but rather it was designed to ultimately effect a complete government takeover of the healthcare insurance industry, resulting in the near complete destruction of the private insurance marketplace provided by the employers, which will probably result just about the same time that the gov't pulls the corporate and State stimulus-bailout dollars away from the States and the insurance companies. (- Oh, you didn't know the government is secretly picking up the insurance companies' costs for the first year or two!)  Of course, all of this ultimately results in the government having to become the single-payer that the liberals have so brazenly openly desired and cried for; but did not have the legislative support to pass in a bill that plainly created that socialist system.


Instead, why not just allow interstate competition amongst all of the insurance companies in the nation, instead of creating and propagating these intra-state near-monopolies that are enjoyed today by a few very large firms in each state?   It's the lack of competition that is certainly one of the major contributing factors in the constantly increasing, runaway healthcare costs that we are experiencing today, along with of course, excessive government regulations and unlimited potential tort liabilities.


And now, you don't even need insurance anymore, until you get hurt, because there are no more pre-existing condition exclusions allowed; - so the young won't sign up (and don't have to) until they get hurt because they don't need to sign up to have the injury or sickness covered after it happens!   Unless of course, they are still on their parents plan as allowed by law!


And, where the employer isn't offering healthcare coverage as a function of employment (because the young typically don't have a lot of extra unused money hanging around, - to buy anything that isn't pre-deducted from their paychecks by the employer, or provided by their parents),  they are certainly  not going shopping for healthcare insurance, nor will they provide SSNs and credit card data, on a website that has no security layer at the foundation of its design, when they can just stay on mom and dad's insurance plan until they reach age 26.


So just how is this whole Obamacare system supposed to work, if the Obamacare designers designed the plan to work by depending on the young to sign up, in order to balance the costs of the old, injured, sick, and diseased, and now the young are not going to sign up because the Obamacare designers said  (in the law) that they don't have to because they can get their insurance elsewhere (mom & dad) ?   So what are they designing, a new healthcare system, or just the collapse of our existing one, - so government can finally step in to save the day (in the crises they created), at the last minute, as the single-payer.


The dramatic reduction in the number of private insurance plans and options available to the public to choose from, many of which have been deemed by the Obamacare administrators to be "sub-standard", means there will be a substantial reduction in the amount of competition that exists between plans and insurance companies.  Of course, less competition, means higher prices and costs, and even bigger monopolies - eventually ending in the total monopoly that is the single-payer system, - the real healthcare system that this fraudulent unACA (unAffordable Care Act) was intended to ultimately effect as a result of its enactment.


The unACA pretends to want employers to provide the healthcare coverage policies for employees, but then it fines them only one-third (or less) of the cost to do so for not providing the coverage, thus providing a reverse incentive to the employer, not to provide healthcare insurance, but to stop providing any health care coverage at all to his or her employees, ultimately forcing most of the American workforce onto the government healthcare exchanges; when they were previously privately insured, primarily through their employment, not the government. 


Since the government is not really an insurance company, it will of course, ultimately have to become the single-payer that the democratic party leadership has always really wanted, and that they intentionally secretly built into this designed-to-fail Obamacare legislation, so full of inherent contradictions that it cannot possibly succeed as designed and locked in law, because it was clearly intentionally designed to not be economically viable (by excusing the essential young from enrollment) within just a couple of years.  The law of course cannot be changed now, because Obama will veto any reasonable modification by repeal of any major element of the program that is proposed by Congress, and the Republican Congress, who had the Obamacare law rammed down their throats by a congressional democratic super-majority that passed the law without a single republican vote in support of it, will never pass any legislation to further the already intolerable government takeover of healthcare that the Obamacare legislation represents because most of them rightfully believe, despite the Supreme Court's incompetent decision otherwise, that the Obamacare legislation violates the U.S. Constitution.


Now where in the Constitution is the U.S. government authorized to provide for, or  facilitate the selling of, healthcare insurance, and the inherent mandates regarding abortion and contraception plainly and clearly violate the religious rights of  millions of good American Christians ?


Finally the Obamacare planners obviously never tested the part of the online website system that sends the enrollment information to the insurance companies, and they never even built the part of the system to actually collect any money as payment of the policy's first month's premium, which is a critical and essential element to actually securing coverage because no insurance company can provide any insurance coverage or payments, at all, until payment of the first months premium has been made and is received !   No insurance can be provided without receipt of payment of the policy premium!   So the fact that they never built the critical and essential part of the system to actually collect the money, should tell you just how much they really care about the private insurance marketplace, i.e.: NOT AT ALL!  They are obviously building  a single payer system, not a private insurance marketplace.


Rather, this Obamacare system was obviously designed to destroy the private insurance market and drive their customer base into the government run exchanges, where ultimately, without a viable private insurance marketplace, operations will rapidly devolve into and become the single-payer healthcare care system the democratic party leadership has always really wanted, but could never get through Congress if it were plainly structured as such in a Bill in Congress.


So they took this deceptive, indirect, legislative backdoor path to the end result they desired by designing a complex and convoluted bill of over 2000 pages that wasn't even read beforehand by the democrats passing it into law; wasn't ever honestly explained to the American public by the people pushing it (Obama-Pelosi-Reid); and which obviously, along with its inevitable implications, is NOT understood by anyone, YET. 


This Obamacare legislation undermines the stability of the private insurance marketplace by making purchasing insurance actually unnecessary, until you get hurt or sick; and by making premium policy costs unsustainably high for the consumer, so that, while the public will initially sign up for the policies, many policies will ultimately have to be cancelled for non-payment or delinquency, and those cancelled enrollees will then be pushed out onto the government healthcare exchanges, to participate in what must eventually become the single-payer system that ultimately bankrupts and destroys the viability, worth, and value of the national socialist healthcare delivery systems.  


Did you know that NAZI is the acronym for the national socialist party in Germany during the 1930's and 40's?    Is the I.R.S. the new Gestapo?   Where do you want to live for the next hundred years, in our own little NAZI America, or in the free Republic of the United States of America ?  (Despite Nancy Pelosi's objections, protestations, and erroneous assertions, America is NOT a democracy !)


And lastly, designing this Obamacare website, which collects names, addresses, social security numbers and credit card data, without any security layer at all (or transmission encryption algorithms) being built into the foundation of the system, is an UNFORGIVEABLE SIN.  It is the functional real world equivalent of collecting personal information records, including social security numbers and credit card data, and then storing them by leaving the boxes of records on the public sidewalk outside of the federal building that houses the government office!  


Clearly this constitutes unimaginable negligence combined with monumental incompetence.    The Obamacare administrators should all be sued immediately, and the Obamacare website should immediately be shut down until it is programmed to operate with the security necessary to protect the extremely personal and sensitive information that it deals with, potentially hundreds of thousands (or even millions) of times every day.   Writing this sort of system without security is a crime - virtual legal negligence by any standard at law, perpetrated by bureaucratic incompetents, that ultimately will cause incalculable damages to the population if not shut down and corrected before enrollment operations are undertaken again?


Good luck with that.   This data will definitely be hacked and distributed. There can be no doubt of that for as long as the system and website are allowed to operate by the courts without any security or encryption programmed into the system's operational data processes.


Obamacare is the new version of the proverbial Tower of Babel


Don't tax him,

Don't tax me,

Tax the God-less company !


Thomas Freed