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By Thomas Freed


The Irrefutable Truth

Finally Exposed!

The Simple Truth About Income Tax - $4

This short, 35 page pamphlet - The Simple Truth About Income Tax, in e-book form (a pdf download), instantly cuts through all the confusion that exists today about the federal personal income tax laws to irrefutably expose the Truth about the federal personal income tax and the I.R.S. It plainly exposes the subversion of both law and Constitution present in the operational practices of the I.R.S., while also exposing the error in all of the claims for tax that have been asserted and made by the I.R.S. for the last 60 years, - in order to mislead and deceive the American people about the true nature of the tax, and their lack of statutory subjectivity to it. The Simple Truth About Income Tax irrefutably shows, and proves, the proper limited application of the federal personal income tax under the actual legislation and laws that were enacted by Congress in 1913. And the TRUTH shall make you free!

This book is a MUST READ! It clearly shows exactly how the federal government (I.R.S. & D.O.J.) has ignored, misapplied, and misused the provisions of the statutes to wrongfully force all American citizens to pay an unconstitutionally direct tax on all earnings (not just "income"), that they do not actually owe under the letter of the law, and which in fact does not exist as an enforceable, fully granted power of taxation under the U.S. Constitution regardless of the adoption of the 16th Amendment; - and which tax is irrefutably shown to never have actually been imposed by Congress, or by the law, on the earnings or the "income" of American citizens living and working in the 50 states, - where the earnings are derived from the simple exercise of the American citizen’s Right to Work. Everyone in America today, knows that there is something terribly, terribly wrong and un-American about the way the I.R.S. operates in practice to enforce this so-called "income tax" on all Americans. This book exposes everything! Irrefutable and guaranteed!

This book irrefutably proves that the federal personal income tax laws of 1913, under the legislation enacted, and the laws actually written at that time, - which still exist today and are clearly presented in this book, was not, and still today is NOT, a tax that is imposed on the "income" or the earnings of American citizens living and working in the fifty states united. (Nor is the tax required to be withheld and collected from payments made by an employer to an informed employee who is an American citizen!) This instantly downloadable pdf version of the book allows me as the author and exclusive sales agent to include in this SPECIAL SALE OFFER, all of the Exhibit document pages you need to prove that you are not subject to the tax, and that the courts can’t legally do anything about it. (6.7 MB download immediately after purchase).

Now with SPECIAL BONUS pages proving the irrefutable and fatal LACK of a fully granted subject matter jurisdiction of the federal courts that can be established, or taken by any federal court, to allow it to enforce a tax on "income" against a citizen under alleged authority of the 16th Amendment alone, as unconstitutionally operationally practiced by the I.R.S. for the last 65 years, i.e.: the taxation of non-taxable earnings as "gross" "taxable income", directly and without any applicable constitutional limitations being observed with respect to the claimed power to tax (directly). Which is what they've been unconstitutionally doing to us (America) for 65 years!

DOUBLE BONUS "The Broken Tax System" - A fully documented article with internal exhibits showing, and fully explaining, how the new income tax law that was enacted by Congress and signed by President Trump in December of 2017, can easily be USED by anyone today to STOP, DESTROY, and DEFEAT the IRS and the DOJ in the federal courts! The new law can be used to STOP THEM COLD!! Yes, EVEN the JUDGES! - In ALL civil and criminal cases involving Title 26 based claims for federal personal income tax! Read it. You need it. To beat it, & defeat it!

America, TAKE BACK your FREEDOM! It can be completely restored for just $4.

And the TRUTH shall make you free!


Stunning and Amazing !”    - Nick S.


“Pure Simplicity, Perfectly Clear, Absolutely Irrefutable !”  - Thomas F.


“This is so simple!  Why don’t attorneys know about this ?” – Barbara W.


“WOW,  thank you so much for writing this!   Why haven’t they killed you yet? - Abigail T.


 Thank you so much.  I am never again paying another dime of tax in my life to those bastards!

       it wasn’t anonymous, but I am not posting his name.


“UNBELIEVABLE, my attorney says he can’t find anything wrong with
your book … thanks to you … I no longer believe in the legitimacy of the
 income tax, the I.R.S. or the federal government itself…”
– Michael M.


OH, MY, GOD !,   OH, MY, GOD !,   OH, MY, GOD ! Who figured this out?

... Whoever wrote this is f---ing brilliant, pure genius !   - Anonymous e-mail


“HOLY SH-T !  I always KNEW THERE WAS SOMETHING WRONG … now I understand what.”  - John M.


I’m moving … when this information gets out, there’s going to be blood in the streets! – David B.


“I read your book … I get it … I think you’re right…. Man, am I pissed …!” – Bill W.


“… for ten bucks, this was the best money I ever spent in my life!” – Norman P.



BUY It Now!, and help restore America's FREEDOM!






This book explains the truth about the income tax in as simple a manner as possible. Everyone can understand this, and it is absolutely irrefutable. No one can refute these facts of law !

IF you are taxed, then you are NOT FREE - You are SUBJECT!
IF you are FREE, then you are NOT taxed - You are SOVEREIGN!


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