Sec. 3402. Income Tax Collected at Source


Did you know that the "exemption certificate" referenced in subsection (n) is a statement of citizenship ? (see C.F.R. 1441-5 Claiming to be a Person Not Subject to Withholding)

W-4s are supposed to relate to employment taxes, why are you specifying deductions for the income tax on your W-4 ? Are you a non-resident alien ????

Did they tell you that you were voluntarily agreeing to have your earnings subjected to income tax withholding as well as employment tax withholding ? Did you have to agree to that under the law ?

You don't have to participate in, or remain victimized by, this fraud if you don't want to ! (see EEOC vs. Information Systems Consulting, Inc.)

Did you know that a W-4 is only good for one year or as long as you agree to it ?

Did you know that you can change your mind about providing one (a W-4) next year !

Did you know that you can terminate your existing W-4 ? (see Terminating W-4 Agreements)

Income taxes are mandatory, if you are subject, but citizens are not subject to or liable for income tax on DOMESTIC income, just (1)- employment taxes, IF they participate in Social Security; AND (2)- income tax on income earned in a foreign country under a tax treaty with that foreign nation.

The authority to withhold Employment Taxes has been fraudulently and deceptively expanded by the I.R.S. as an authority to withhold income taxes on DOMESTIC income by deceiving the employers into doing the "dirty work" for the IRS (actually forcing people to volunteer for a tax they don't have to pay by law, by requiring a Social Security Number on a W-4 in order to get a job, and then using that voluntary action as the only legal basis for the authority to withhold income tax from citizens).

They tell you that you have to sign the W-4, when under the law you don't, (see EEOC vs. Information Systems Consulting, Inc.), and now you can't get anything back because you voluntarily authorized the taking of money from yourself by signing it.

Now if that's NOT fraud ? I don't know what is.

Furthermore, section 3402 is from Subtitle C of Title 26, and relates to Employment Taxes for Social Security. Income tax law is in Subtitle A of Title 26. The two subtitles are distinct and separate sets of laws whose individual authorities do not cross-over to the other subtitle. Income tax was passed in 1913. Social Security (employment taxes) did not even exist until 20 years later, in 1933, and the withholding of those taxes didn't really start until 1944 - another 11 years later. So how did they withhold income taxes from U.S. citizens from 1916 to 1944 ?

They didn't ! Because CITIZENS ARE NOT THE SUBJECT OF THE TAX ! (remember Treasury Decision 2313).



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