Sec. 6201. Assessment Authority


Sec. 6201. Assessment AuthorityHot!

Sec. 6201. Assessment authority.

(a) Authority of Secretary. The Secretary is authorized and required to make the inquiries, determinations, and assessments of all taxes imposed by this title, or accruing under any former internal revenue law, which have not been duly paid by stamp at the time and in the manner provided by law. Such authority shall extend to and include the following:

(1) Taxes shown on return. The Secretary shall assess all taxes determined by the taxpayer or by the secretary as to which returns or lists are made under this title.
(2) Unpaid taxes payable by stamp.

(A) Omitted stamps. ...
(B) Check or Money Order not duly paid. ...

(3) Erroneous income tax prepayment credits. ....

26 USC 6201

Are Subtitle A income taxes paid by stamp ???

Can you see why the IRS wants YOU to file a return? If you do, subsection (1) here gives them authority to assess the return (Form 1040) that you file.

But what happens if you don't file a return?

If you don't file the WRONG return form voluntarily, where is the authority to assess any income tax against any citizen, rather than JUST stamp taxes - LIKE THE LAW ACTUALLY SAYS?Iím sure you know, the TAX STAMPS ONLY apply to alcohol and tobacco products?

It doesn't exist in the law !!!!

Even if the authority to assess income taxes did exist, shouldn't the forms be used properly by the IRS itself?

But, what we find here in the law, again, it should be noted, IS AN INDIRECT income tax imposed under Subtitle A that is not authorized to be collected by direct assessment, but rather, is only collected at the source INDIRECTLY, by withholding from payments made to subject persons, who are all foreign. IT IS THE SUBTITLE E, alcohol, tobacco, and firearms taxes (all indirect excise taxes imposed on the manufacture, consumption and sale of commodities within the country) that are properly authorized for collection by imposed assessment (based on the un-stamped inventory items that have been found in the businessís stores, warehouses, boats, trucks, etc.)!

In conclusion; the IRS intentionally ignores the ACTUAL requirements of the law, and insists on misusing their claimed authority to misapply the law by intentionally using the wrong form (1040), on purpose, so as to generate as large an alleged debt as possible in the citizen's name in order to improperly, and in fact illegally, intimidate the citizen into submision and compliance with the IRS's demands..

This kind of behavior, routinely conducted by the IRS, is readily seen as being much closer to unlawful extortion, than legitimate tax collection activity!

The Proper Legal Use of Form 1040 clearly shows the true legal nature, and correct legal use of Form 1040 under the LAW!

Furthermore, the Published Regulations, which are required by 44 U.S.C. 1505. Documents To Be Published..., for general public applicability of this law, fail to show any applicability to Title 26, but rather show applicability only within Title 27 - in regards to ALCOHOL, TOBACCO & FIREARMS activities - which are properly and legitimately subjects to the use of the tax stamps referenced in this code section itself. BUT stamp taxes are NOT usedin Subtitle A of Title 26, and have no applicability what-so-ever to the collection of income tax!



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