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Simply put, many Save A Patriot Fellowship members pledge to reimburse other members for losses of cash or property incurred by illegal confiscations. This is done by spreading the reimbursement costs to all members. For example, suppose that after a valiant and stubborn struggle through the phases of the legal maze, a member were to lose his vehicle to an illegal seizure. Let's value the vehicle at $9,000. If there are 10,000 members participating in the Fellowship, Save A Patriot would verify the loss and apportion the liability at a rate of 90 cents per member. PRESTO ! Mr. or Ms. Valiant Patriot suffers NO loss at all, and their friends' fear of possible IRS retaliation is gone (protected by the Fellowship's computer encrypted records). Real-life examples such as this have convinced many "closet patriots" to join the Save A Patriot Fellowship in droves. Welcome to the Constitutional Revivalist Movement.

The surest and safest protection of funds is to keep them in the widely distributed hands of the Fellowship members themselves. The only money to be sent to the Fellowship headquarters is the annual $70 membership (headquarter operations) fee.

After verification by Headquarters of losses to claimant member, an apportionment is sent out to the membership; you send payments DIRECTLY to the claimant (or their beneficiary). Save A Patriot merely verifies that all members have met their assessment obligations by a simple procedure.

Payment for incarceration. There are still occurrences when a Patriot is criminally tried, wrongfully convicted and jailed. This is the most difficult financial burden to individually shoulder. Therefore, it is the stated policy of the Fellowship to assess for the beneficiary of each incarcerated Patriot $25,000 per calendar year, during the period of actual incarceration.

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