Currently, there is alot of talk in America about calling a Constitutional Convention in order to amend the Constitution in order to add amendments implementing things like Congressional term limits, a balanced budget, a fully informed jury (regarding jury nullification rights), etc. While these appear to be good causes, there is HUGE danger in calling a convention, that apparently, most Americans are completely oblivious to.

When a Constitutional Convention is called, the delegates attending the convention have the authority to replace the Constitution entirely, rather than just amend it. The precedent has already been set (in 1776).

You will not get any say in which delegates are selected to represent you at this convention !  The plans have already been laid to replace our Constitution at this convention. The new constitution does not represent a union of free states, nor does it recognize, protect, or preserve the rights of the people. The new constitution, of which you have been told nothing, creates a new, one world government, under some organization like the U.N., with absolute power over all aspects of your life.

Under this new constitution:

Religion is a privilege,
Free speech doesn't exist,
Only the military and police are allowed guns,
The judge will decide if there will be a jury,
States are abolished, and have no rights,
States are replaced with federal regions,
Federal “governors” of the regions will be appointed, not elected,
No rights to protest, or redress of grievance exist...

This is just the beginning of the changes already planned for you by elements of our supposedly representative government !  Is this really where you want to live ?  Is this where you want your children to live ?  Is this your vision of a better America ?  Is this the bridge to the 21st century that you envisioned ?

Please be as vocal as you possibly can be, to all members of our society, especially your representatives (many of them are ignorant of this, only the "insiders" "know the plan"), regarding this conspiracy to replace the Constitution with a new world order, one world government, socialist/communist "global village".

Please make everyone aware of the dangers associated with calling a constitutional convention at this time in our history, with this "crop" of crooked politicians, that are currently lurking in the shadows, waiting to strike at the proper moment, as we open the door to their conspiracy by authorizing a convention.

If a constitutional convention gets called you can bet your bottom dollar that what will come out of the convention is a new constitution ! Guaranteed !

Watch out ! They are coming for you !

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