Obamacare Re-Segregates America



The Law of Unintended Consequences is taking over Obamacare.   Barack Obama, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi are bringing BACK segregation in America with their Democrats-only-voted-for-it healthcare legislation.  Specifically, the workplaces, hospitals, and doctor's offices are in the process now of being re-SEGREGATED, as an unintended consequence of this insane Obamacare law.   Of course, that is exactly what you should have been expecting from a 2,500 page law that no Democrat in Congress actually ever bothered to completely read before enacting.


I will get right to the point.  The 29 hour work week option for the employers, so foolishly created and mandated by the Obamacare legislation, in order for an employer to be exempt from having to provide healthcare coverage to its employees, is being used by the employers all over the country to hire, primarily, the minorities of color (black & brown), and the youth.  Of course, the white youth will most probably eventually move onto other jobs, after school, or by relocating, but the population of minority workers could be trapped in their urban environments for a long, long time as these part-time, 2nd-tier, 2nd-class, inferior-rights workers, without workplace benefits.


And of course, a 29 hour work-week is not a long enough work-week to make enough money (after withholding) to really live on, so many of these minority workers, in these part-time employment positions, will also be forced into the food-stamp lines, the unemployment lines, and eventually the welfare and subsidy roles, in order to supplement (or replace) their deficient incomes, in order to be able to afford to eat, pay rent, and live. 


(An off-point aside on this: - If the minimum wage workers in America today were allowed to take home ALL of their paycheck (instead of having nearly half of it taken from them by withholding for tax), then they would not need to have (or be calling for) the minimum wage (to be) raised to $15 an hour.  They only want (and need) $15 per hour, because after tax withholding, they would only take home $8 per hour.   But, if you just let them take home the whole $8 an hour that they are already making today, you wouldn't need to raise the minimum wage to $15 in order to let them take home the $8 that it is necessary to carry home in order to live!   Instead of raising the minimum wage to $15 per hour, which action will clearly depress even further the employment opportunities in America, and increase the unemployment numbers; we should rather just terminate the withholding of tax from all persons making less than $35,000 per year!  NO withholding of tax from the poor is the answer, NOT jacking up the number that people are forced pay, and then take back HALF of it, fraudulently,  in the name of tax. Let the poor keep what they make.  By taking away half of what they make (nearly half the paycheck) in taxes, you make it nearly impossible for the poor and minimum wage workers to live and thrive in our society and its inflationary economic reality (end aside))


So this Obamacare legislation has motivated, and blatantly allows, the employers to stop treating minority workers as employees with equal rights.  Oh my!   Now, employers who want to, can hire these minority workers only into these part-time, second class, second-tier, no rights or benefits, employment positions, under the excuse of trying to save costs in business operations.  


Of course the employers will also be motivated to hire two part-time workers to do the one job, thus getting  a 58 hour, lower-cost work week from their minority workers, without having to provide these minority workers any worker benefits, pensions, or healthcare coverage, that all the full-time (mostly white) employees will all still enjoy.  Oh my, a segregated workplace !  Where whites get full-time work, while the minorities get part-time.  Isn't that wonderful for all those minority workers who thought they were going to get healthcare from Obama when they voted for him !    Not a chance, - the increase in deductible payments in the exchange plans, virtually ensures that the poor will pay for all of their  normal health care needs and costs out of their own pockets (the first $7,500) unless something catastrophic happens to them (unlikely and not usual).    


So, not only is the workplace being re-segregated as an unintended consequence of the Obamacare legislation by the part-time work rules,  but so are the hospitals and doctor's offices!


What, you say, - that's not possible, it would be illegal !  Unconstitutional even !  


Well maybe, but apparently not, because the Obamacare administrators who made the rules for the Exchange-provided insurance plans have decided that the best hospitals in America, and the best doctors in America, are generally too expensive for the Exchange provided insurance plans to include access to within the Exchange health-service facilities network provided by the plan for the insured to use.   Of course, they are more expensive, precisely because they are THE VERY BEST.  Isn't that normal?  How could you not build consideration for that medical and economic reality into your Obamacare healthcare delivery systems?


That of course means, that all of these (primarily) minority workers, who are going to be forced out of the private insurance system and onto the government healthcare exchange system, will be excluded from access to this top-tier of the best and finest hospitals and doctors, and healthcare, in America.   They will be locked out of the  best facilities and kept away from the best doctors, under the excuse of economic costs, - but the effective result will be a new system of open, legal, minority DISCRIMINATION.    Not only will they be locked out of full-time employment and the best care facilities, they may also find that they have been locked out of ALL the local facilities for providing healthcare as well, because those local, nearby, hospitals and facilities are also not included in many cases in the healthcare network of service providers that are supported by the exchange plans they are being given.  Oh my!    No full-time job, no accessible healthcare providers, for the minority populations.   What a wonderful law.    Welcome to the new American SEGREGATION, brought to you by the liberal, progressive, Democrats, - BARACK OBAMA, NANCY PELOSI, and HARRY REID.   Idiots and socialists all.


Of course, that is precisely why the doctors are required to operate in their profession under the Hippocratic Oath, not a business plan for profits.  The result of putting the government in charge of the healthcare system, will be to remove the doctor's moral duty under that Oath to provide the best care possible to all patients who come to him or her, regardless of the patient's ability to pay.  But under this Obamacare legislation, the best and most capable doctors will never even see those needy patients, because their insurance plan doesn't allow the patient to visit those very best doctors and hospitals.  So the doctor will never be confronted with the moral duty to provide care, because the sick and needy will never come to that doctors office, or that un-included hospital.


I guess those very best doctors, hospitals, and facilities are now going to be reserved for the wealthy (white) worker population through this exclusive, reserved access that has unintentionally been built into the Obamacare legislation by the unthinking Democrats, who jammed the law down our throats without a single Republican vote, and without even reading it all themselves, and obviously without understanding its fairly obvious unintended consequences, which were not really hidden, just ignored by the morons intent on passing something, anything, to sell to America the planned government takeover of the healthcare industry. 


Of course, there will be a number (relatively few) of the black and brown minority populations who will be excepted from this healthcare lock-out, and who will have access to the best facilities and doctors as a minority member,  - because they are wealthy, - but the overall end result of the legislation is going to be a system that effectively discriminates against a large portion of the majority of the minority black and brown populations in America, by locking them out of access to the best healthcare facilities, - by locking them into this second-class, second-tier, healthcare facilities network that does not include access to the best hospitals and doctors in th country (and most complete care-giving).


So, what you are obviously going to end up with as the effective result of this Obamacare legislation, is a black and brown minority population that is effectively not only segregated out of the full-time workplace environment (with any benefits and rights), but who are also segregated out of access to the healthcare facilities with the best doctors and hospitals; thereby being relegated to this inferior, second-tier, second-class healthcare delivery network.


Are you sure that's where you want our healthcare system to go!   Two-tier socialism?    With one level of care for the wealthy (whites), and another, inferior, second-class level reserved (primarily) for the poor and the minority, inner-city populations.   Good luck with that.  "Separate but equal", has already been completely exposed as a false doctrine, with a fundamentally flawed foundational premise that simply is not true in its operative reality.  


Isn't it time NOW, to  repeal these absurd elements of the Obamacare healthcare legislation before the reality of their unintended consequences becomes inescapable?  Before we are drawn back into a violent, segregated America, where the white majority works full-time (and gets healthcare treatment) under one set of operational rules, while the black and brown minority populations are forced to operate under another that is economically discriminatory.  However, we all know that ANY and ALL economic discrimination that is allowed under the guise and pretense of law, is going to effectively result, primarily, in the discriminatory oppression of the minority populations!


Ah, but at least it is the Democrats who, acting alone, are bringing this segregation back to America with their own never-thought-it-through-all-the-way legislation; NOT the Republicans; who did not contribute even a single vote to this disastrous Obamacare legislation that discriminates against the poor minorities by allowing them to be locked out of the full-time workplace (with benefits), and also now locks them out of insurance supported access to the best healthcare facilities and doctors in America.


So who are the RACISTS now ?