How to Stop the Recession

and Turn Our Economy Into the Largest Economic BOOM in the History of Mankind,

While Stopping Cold the Home Loan Sub-Prime Mortgage Default Crises!


1.     Rebuild America’s Infrastructure Instead of subsidizing billionaire bankers

In place of giving FIVE (now TEN)  trillion or more dollars to the same banks (and bankers) that created this economic crisis in the first place, without effecting any meaningful change to the system within which they operate, why don’t we instead spend a trillion dollars (at least) contracting out the re-construction of America’s deteriorating infrastructure, to AMERICAN firms with mostly AMERICAN labor (but also with foreign laborers WHO PAY TAX).  This would create 2 million or more jobs and provide work to Americans and American companies, all over the country.   The money would be much better spent on this infrastructure investment plan, than it is being spent by being given to the bankers, who are simply apparently going to use it for mergers and acquisitions and to lend to overseas borrowers, but not in America, in order to maximize profits for the banking corporation that they are trying to save and preserve. We should help Americans, not bankers.

2.     Permanently terminate the personal income tax and withholding from all wages, except the foreigners.

If the American People were suddenly allowed to take home 100% of their pay, it would jump start every local economy in the country.  People could pay their bills, keep their homes, and help their family, friends, and neighbors.  Or, start a new business.   I guarantee that American spending would resume at some increased level, and that our debts will begin to be paid off, if the American People are allowed to keep and enjoy the fruits of their own labors, rather than be forced to pay a tax before it is even actually due by law.  One that is not actually due under the letter of the law until April 15th of the next year.  Why should the American People be denied the use of their own money (wages), when no tax is actually due to be paid under the letter of the law?   Particularly when the American People REALLY NEED the use of their own money because of their personal economic circumstances.  Who can force a man to pay a tax or a debt before it is actually due under the letter of the law to be paid NEXT April 15th (allegedly)?   No one, supposedly, until we come to the unconstitutional seizures of property ordered by the IRS.  BUT,

                         It’s MY MONEY and I NEED IT
NOW ! 

If the true purpose of the income tax is regulate the economy and to keep inflation under control – THEN FOR GOD’S SAKE SHOULD’NT THE GOVERNMENT USE THAT POWER on BOTH SIDES OF THE EQUATION?   When inflation needs to be controlled – withhold the income tax.  But when recession rules, and begins to become a depression, and threatens to destroy our economy, and inflation is no longer an immediate concern, couldn’t the government simply suspend the withholding of income tax from citizens to provide a fresh supply of dollars to the American people to stimulate the economy through spending, or at the very least allow those persons who are really struggling to keep enough of their own money to pay enough of their debts to stay afloat and keep their heads above water?  The government could effect or allow these changes – but they won’t – because this ain’t about you, IT’S ABOUT CONTROLLING YOU AND YOUR PROPERTYwhich the bankers are taking more of every day.   Do you still feel represented?

3.     Temporarily suspend home mortgage loan interest rate re-sets.

The bankers should be temporarily prohibited from further resetting any bank loans at higher interest rates, and should be forced to roll-back rates on home loans going into default because of a rate increase in the not too distant past, where it is not already too late to help the homeowner.  The homeowners should be given 2 years to make some progress (or payoff) the re-calculated (at the lower interest rate) debt on the last 3 – 6 months of the default period, and after 18 months should be allowed to apply for federal assistance in paying off that debt without losing the home.  The federal assistance should of course be based on the individual’s performance during the granted 18 month grace period.

4.     Flat Tax ALL Corporate Earnings, NOT “income


The U.S. Supreme court ruled in 1916 in the Stanton v Baltic Mining Co. case that the activities of corporations in America are subject to indirect federal taxation, because they are subject to excise taxes imposed on privileged activities, as determined under the Flint v. Stone Tracy Co. decision handed down in 1911.   The court held that the doing of business in the corporate form is the identified “privilege”, sufficient to serve as the necessary legal constitutional basis for the application of an indirect “excise” tax (authorized under Article I, Section 8, Clause 1 of the U.S. Constitution, not the 16th Amendment) to be imposed on any and all of the business so conducted (as a corporation).  Now, in 1916 Congress taxed “income” not earnings, so, ever since, the intended corporate subjects of the federal income tax have been living high on the hog, generating needless and excessive business expenses in order to reduce or eliminate nearly all of the corporate profit, and “income”, so as to avoid paying any or much tax on the company’s business.  Because of this Congressional communistic mistake in 1916, very few of the intended corporate subjects actually serve as a meaningful revenue stream to the U.S. government today, because there are no meaningful profits to tax left after expenses are deducted and the bonuses are passed out and new cars are perked and the paid trips to conventions in Hawaii, China, Paris, Rome, Las Vegas, and Cannes are all accounted, etc., etc.; and the government is therein forced to unconstitutionally (and unlawfully) extract by extortion its revenue funding from the Sovereign, We the People, rather than being able to survive on the tax revenues of it lawful subjects – the corporations and foreign parties.  However, just as Congress is authorized to tax the income of the corporations on this basis, THEY ARE ALSO CONSTITUTIONALLY AUTHORIZED TO TAX THE EARNINGS or TOTAL REVENUES OF THE CORPORATIONS on this basis as well.  If the government DROPPED the “income tax entirely, AND JUST FLAT TAXED ALL CORPORATE REVENUES AT THE RATE OF 3.5 – 4 %, without regard for expenses, EVERYTHING COULD BE FIXED IN THREE MONTHS, without taxing the American people.  There would be NO UNCONSTITUTIONAL PERSONAL TAX NECESSARY ANY LONGER.  Every business in the country would immediately TERMINATE ALL NEEDLESS EXPENSING AWAY OF BUSINESS PROFITS; they would ALL START MAKING THEIR BUSINESS DECISIONS BASED ON GOOD BUSINESS PRACTICES, RATHER THAN ON ACCOUNTING GIMICKS and GAMES, or TAX CONSIDERATIONS (because there would be NONE), and of course would then all start making more money, thus paying more tax.   Under this plan, every business in the nation would immediately become a meaningful revenue stream to the U.S. government on a monthly basis, and these legitimate indirect corporate tax revenue streams would completely replace every penny of personal and corporate “income” tax that is collected today, within the first year of operation.  Business will BOOM, debts will be paid off, new small businesses will be started, local economies will begin to grow (and then explode), there will be the beginning of a complete restoration of the system of private property, a return to the recognition of fundamental individual rights this country was founded on, and an expansion of liberty, freedom, and the resultant dynamic economic vitality that comes only from that FREE existence.  REVENUE FOR THE GOVERNMENT, FREEDOM FOR THE PEOPLE !   Now that sounds like a real plan for America !  RESTORE THE CONSTITUTION and ABANDON THE COMMUNIST MANIFESTO as the ruling philosophical doctrine in this nation, and within our halls of government.  Let’s all go “BACK TO OUR TRUE FUTURE” – HUMANITY’S FREEDOM !

5.     Means test social security recipients and cut the tax in half


    Social security was not originally designed as a retirement savings program, or as an insurance program, or as a pension replacement, nor as the entitlement program that it has obviously become.  It is a tax - that supports a welfare program.  By making this program an entitlement, you virtually guarantee the eventual bankruptcy of the nation.  By making this program an entitlement, you completely reverse the intended effect of transferring wealth from the wealthy to the poor, and actually transfer wealth from the poor to the wealthy and middle class.  Recipients of social security dollars MUST be means tested, and if they have a net worth of over x dollars (the exact amount (x) to be debated and decided by congressional legislation) THEN NO BENEFIT IS PAID.    Millionaires and the middle class should not be drawing down welfare dollars that were intended to be expended on the poor.  If you means test the recipients, you can reduce the tax to about (the employer's) 4%, ALL WHILE RESTORING SOLVENCY AND FINANCIAL VIABILITY TO THE PROGRAM’S OPERATION.


6.     Privatize Retirement withholding to allow personal investment in the stock & bond markets.

This is the only thing, I repeat, the only thing, in my opinion, that George Bush got right in the last 8 years. You see, right now, THERE IS NOTHING AT ALL IN YOUR SOCIAL SECURITY ACCOUNT. IT IS COMPLETELY EMPTY. IF you had been allowed to buy stock with those "funds", you would have lost some portion of your holdings in the recent collapse, but AT LEAST YOU WOULD HAVE HAD REAL ASSETS IN YOUR RETIREMENT ACCOUNT instead of THE NOTHING that exists there now.  There is no money, no assets, no real holdings what-so-ever currently in your retirement “account”, which is really nothing more than a worthless piece of fictional “accounting” printed by the operator (the government), but not representative of any real holdings.  JUST LIKE BERNIE MADOFF’s operation. Wouldn't you like to have SOMETHING, instead of NOTHING, to retire on? Think about it.  The government should keep the half of the social security fund that the employers paid in as their matching half of the tax (matching 4%), but the government should release to the citizens some control over at least a portion of the half (4% of wage) of the fund that the citizens paid in over his working lifetime, for investment in T-Bills and/or bond and mutual funds or blue chip stock funds.

Again, I guarantee that as these moneys flow into stock market related investment vehicles and funds, the stock market decline will halt and reverse itself, driving us back into another stock market driven economic BOOM.

7.     VERIFY Medicare and Medicaid claims before paying them.


This, you would have imagined, should have been pretty much both obvious and self-explanatory.  Only the U.S. government could possibly come up with a scheme, as they have, where medical claims are automatically paid, WITHOUT EVER HAVING BEEN VERIFIED AS A TRUE CLAIM FOR SERVICE ACTUALLY PERFORMED, OR PRODUCT ACTUALLY DELIVERED, AND THEREFORE A LEGITIMATE CLAIM FOR REIMBURSEMENT.  Unbelievable.  Claims verification, BEFORE PAYMENT IS ISSUED, is standard operating procedure in every private payment system on the planet.  What the HELL is wrong with the federal morons running this program – whoops, I guess we answered that question simply by posing it – they’re morons who are allowed to operate without accountability to anyone- as long as the claims get paid. It is a system that is far sicker than the patients that it treats.


8.     Return the issuing power to the People where it rightfully belongs, retire the debt laden federal reserve notes, and begin issuing debt free United States Dollars in place of federal reserve notes for our national medium of exchange!




So, is it time to act, or do you still just want to sit there and pretend the folks on Capital Hill and at the Federal Reserve Bank are going to fix this mess?   TELL SOMEONE!