It’s Not Even Income Tax &

Who Really Gets the So-called "Tax" Revenue

Of course, now, it’s not an “income” tax at all, is it.  An income tax would only be laid on profits wouldn’t it?  NO, It is a tax on labor and earnings of the people (as well as the profits of the corporations).  It is not even limited to being a tax on the fruits of our labors, which would be a tax only on the excesses produced (profits).  NO, as currently practiced and unlawfully enforced by the IRS, it is a tax on ALL the LABOR, not just the “fruits”, and on all earnings too.  It is called an “income” tax in order to deceive the America people into believing that it is a tax only laid on the rich, when in reality it is an exaction taken mostly from the common masses, as the rich mask their economic activity with corporate shells.  It has nothing to do with “taxing” the “rich”, and everything to do with “ruling the people”, rather than representing them. 

The really strange thing is THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT IT IS SUPPOSED TO BE – a tax on all activity, not just profits, but it only applies to foreigners subject to a tariff.  Section 1441(b) makes it clear that the tax is not withheld only from profits like interest and dividends, but also applies to all earnings, including wages, from all vocations, trades and businesses conducted by the non-resident aliens and foreign corporations who are the proper subjects of the tax (and of the federal government), and are subjected to collection at the source by the withholding of tax from their payments.  Citizens are not.

AND, of course, ALL the money collected by the IRS is SUPPOSED to be deposited regularly into the United States Treasury.

§ 7809. Deposit of collections

(a) General rule

Except as provided in subsections (b) and (c) and in sections 7651, 7652, 7654, and 7810, the gross amount of all taxes and revenues received under the provisions of this title, and collections of whatever nature received or collected by authority of any internal revenue law, shall be paid daily into the Treasury of the United States under instructions of the Secretary as internal revenue collections, by the officer or employee receiving or collecting the same, without any abatement or deduction on account of salary, compensation, fees, costs, charges, expenses, or claims of any description. A certificate of such payment, stating the name of the depositor and the specific account on which the deposit was made, signed by the Treasurer of the United States, designated depositary, or proper officer of a deposit bank, shall be transmitted to the Secretary.
26 USC 7809


But, if you check the back of your last check that was sent to the IRS for payment of tax, you will find that the check was never deposited in the United States Treasury, but was re-directed (illegally) to the FEDERAL RESERVE BANK - a private corporation !


1. How does Congress write appropriation bills against funds NOT in the Treasury, but on deposit at the Federal Reserve ? (They can't !)

2. How does the Treasury disburse funds NOT in the Treasury ? (They can't !)

3. How does Congress audit the expenditures of these so-called "tax" revenues held by the Federal Reserve Bank ? (They can't !)

4. If these "payments" are "tax", why is there NO deposit at the Treasury as required by law (as shown above), and why is there NO record or CREDIT for any tax payment on file with the IRS, to the credit of the Citizen making the tax payment, UNTIL they file a Form 1040 the next April 15th?   (Because it is not "tax" when it is taken from your pay; it is actually used to service the debt. This reduces the American population to a virtual state of peonage and is not a legitimate exercise of the constitutional taxing powers !)


You see, when the money is taken from your pay, it is sent directly (illegally) to the private banking corporation, not the U.S. Treasury. You have NO credit for "tax" with the IRS or Treasury until you file a Form 1040 on April 15th, and convert the (debt service) payment to a "tax credit" in your name. If you do not file the 1040 and claim the "tax" "credit", the IRS disallows the payment as "tax" and demands that you pay the tax again, a second time ! This would be "double taxation" if it was "tax" that was originally taken from your pay). But it is not actual "tax" that is taken from your pay, it is imposed DEBT obligations that are taken IN THE NAME OF TAX.

That's right, the money taken from your pay is not tax at all, and you are not credited for "tax" when it is taken. You are being forced to assume responsibility (and liability) for the NATIONAL DEBT incurred unconstitutionally by Congress through the endless borrowing of the worthless "Notes" (our fiat currency) issued by the bank.

We are effectively renting currency from a private (and partially foreign) economic power under a scheme that has become, truly, a pure and monstrous peonage debt scam run by private bankers!   That is why we have a national debt - what the entire national debt actually consists of is nothing but 80 years worth of accumulated currency rental fees !!! 

Why has a small group of men (the private owners of the Federal Reserve Banks) been allowed to enrich themselves enormously at the expense of all other Americans ?
Should a small group of men in a private corporation really be given, and possess as they do, this monopoly on currency and credit. Do you understand the last sentence?



Most people are aware that out money (the Federal Reserve notes) is printed by a Federal Agency - the Bureau of Printing and Engraving. But FEW people are aware of what actually happens after a note is printed in order for it to be put into circulation to be used by the American People. Strangely, the Government does not issue the money into circulation itself. WHY NOT ????

The Federal Reserve Bank, a private corporation, buys (yes that's right buys) $100 bills from the Bureau of Printing & Engraving for 2 to 4 cents each. Then the Bank "fractionalizes" the "reserve" and then loans the total (7 times what it bought - through the miracle (or conspiracy, depending on your persepective) of fractional reserve banking, it lends seven dollars out for every dollar it actually has on deposit) back to the government (it bought them from) for their full face value plus interest (prime rate 3.5%), or $103.50. So the Government sells the note for 2-4 cents to the private bank, whereupon the notes becomes the private "property" of the bank (which is why it says "Federal Reserve Note" instead of "United States Note" (or "Dollar") at the top), and then the government borrows that private property from the bankers for full face value plus interest.

But wait a minute, they never buy just one note - lets look at what happens for the bankers through the economy of scale. The private bank buys ten thousand (10,000) 100 dollar bills for 2.5 cents each, or $250 (.025 x 10,000). That's one million dollars for 250 bucks folks - but it gets even sicker. The bank then "fractionalizes" that 1 million "reserve" to lend 7 million dollars (not 1 million) at prime (3.5%) rate of interest. Let's see that's 7,000,000 x .035 = $245,000.00 (two hundred forty-five thousand) dollars a year for their initial investment of $250. Plus, the whole seven million is returned to the bank through the repayment of the loans to lend again. So for every 250 dollars our supposedly representative government takes in, the bank makes a quarter of a million a year in interest, every year, forever (because the whole seven million is returned to the bank to be lent again, and again, and again). (You might also note that when the bank "loses" "money" (ha-ha) on a bad loan, they don't really lose any "MONEY", do they? All they really lose is the fictional, fractionalized "reserve" they spun out of the original purchase - because 7 times the original face value purchased, is issued. And of course, that means all they really lose when a million dollar loan goes bad is $35 dollars - one-seventh of the $250 it cost to buy the fiat paper notes!    

OH, MY GOD! Pretty sweet deal, huh.   Wouldn't it be nice if the government did this for American Citizens ?   Yea, dream on !!!   You pay for it, you don't get the benefits of this system, they are reserved for the elite billioniares  who own the supposedly "federal" reserve bank.

The American People pay for this scam because not only does the U.S. Treasury sell the note for 2-4 cents, but it guarantees that the American People will honor and guarantee (pay for) the full face value (1,5,10,20,50, or 100) of the note being sold to the bankers for 2.5 cents ! When we apply the same scale of operation that we did above in analyzing the end result to the bankers, to analyze the end result of this system to We the People when the government borrows from the bank, we find that while the bankers are guaranteed to make a quarter of a million dollars a year for every $250 dollars they spend, We the People, on the other hand, are left to pay a quarter of a million dollars in interest every year to the private bank for every $250 dollars that the Bureau of Printing & Engraving takes in for printing the notes. All for the privilege of having a currency (medium of exchange) in our society provided by the private corporate bank instead of the government.

By virtue of this currency monopoly, the Federal Reserve Bank, a private corporation, is able to unconstitutionally control our nation's entire monetary system, currency and credit systems, and thereby, control our entire government, our economy, our society and all of its most critical policies. Can you buy $100 bills for 3 cents from the Bureau of Printing & Engraving ?   Do you really think that you can compete against men that can?   What happened to equal opportunity? The so-called "tax" collected by the IRS, is not tax at all, but forced peonage debt service obligations necessary for the government to continue renting currency from the private powers that unconstitutionally rule America and actually run this country in place of Congress (which is becoming more (painfully) obvious with each passing week - RIGHT?)..   The fact that your tax check is cashed by the private corporation (Fed. Reserve Bank) and not the Treasury, is proof that these payments are NOT "TAX" at all (because they are not deposited at the Treasury as required by law).

So, what does the Federal Reserve Bank really do with all those taxpayers' "tax" dollars being routed to them illegally ? (They use them to exert unconstitutional influence, power and control over our society and economic policies, governmental actions and programs, and the making of the nations laws. They use it to advance their global lending interests, and they use it to slowly acquire controlling influences and interests in the huge multi-national corporations exploiting the resources of underdeveloped or developing nations. They use it to manipulate your media, your debates, your elections, and your candidates by ensuring that there is plenty of money for the candidates they want you to hear from - and no place on the stage for the candidates they don't want you to hear from (Ron Paul for one). (And not much money either.)   And finally, they use it to make sure that power keeps concentrating in the hands of the few (theirs) instead of being distributed amongst the People as the founding fathers envisioned.

None of these funds are deposited in the Treasury when they are withheld from your pay in order to conceal the fraudulent and ILLEGAL transfers of "tax" dollars and revenues to a PRIVATE corporation (the bank).  NONE of this money is spent by the U.S. Government because it is beyond their legal reach at the Federal Reserve bank, and little if any of these "tax" revenues are spent in America, for America, for its People, or by its government. They are used by the private corporate Federal Reserve Bank to advance its global lending interests. The Federal Reserve bank, of course, is actually NO MORE a FEDERAL government operation than Federal Express or Federated Department Stores! They are all private corporations! And it all stems from this one little unconstitutional law.

Do you get it ?

This is "currency" debt peonage - pure and simple - all fraud - all illegal - and all unconstitutional !!

Do you care that all America, your children and grandchildren, will soon be nothing but debt slaves ?   Do you care that America has lost her history and legacy of freedom ?     If so, you better take political action now !     Before it is too late !!!


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