The American middle class is about to get hit by an unseen double edged sword of economic reality.  A very rare economic phenomenon indeed, wherein a society experiences the twin vices of inflation and deflation, SIMULTANEOUSLY.  This is a catastrophic scenario wherein, while the costs of basic goods and daily necessities are rising because of inflation, simultaneously, the value of society’s wealth-storing assets is falling because of deflation.  Prices go up, personal accounts go down (and are wiped out), and the middle class is eliminated and reduced to rubble.


Squeezed by the three-pronged vices of inflation, deflation, and (soon) rising taxation to offset uncontrolled pork-barrel spending.


Globalism is destroying the American way of life (freedom), and replacing it with service to the global village (serfdom).


The American factories have been destroyed by the lack of legislation protecting the American manufacturing industrial base from cheap, foreign government subsidized imports, that are simply allowed to be priced to low without apparent immediate consequence, in the name of free trade.  Well, here are your delayed consequences, arriving daily.


Too many (too) cheap imports without penalties (tariffs) eliminated the American production capability and manufacturing base.  Too much easy credit destroyed the companies perceived need to compete honestly with foreign manufactures through the creation and development of better products, rather than just selling inferior products (GM).


Our industrialized manufacturing base is destroyed and gone, sold out to cheap foreign imports and outsourced to cheap foreign labor.  Allowed to move overseas to minimize costs by replacing American labor with virtual slave labor forces in other parts of the world that could be induced to work for virtually nothing.


Un-taxed foreign labor, displacing American workers here in America, putting downward pressures on the lower classes wages, pay, salaries, and opportunities has also been a part of the problem.  Raising unemployment here in America, and lowering standards of living.


When the middle class is effectively destroyed by these economic forces, there will only be two classes left, the rulers, and the ruled.






THE DESTRUCTION OF THE MIDDLE CLASS (2) (a little more technical)