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The Truth About The Income Tax

Treason In The Government

The Truth about the Income Tax is that everything you have EVER been taught about it by your government is a lie !

The Truth is that it does not exist to fund the operation of the government or to pay for its programs.


It exists so that you CANNOT oppose the government's policies whether you feel represented by them or not ! The Truth is that for over forty years it has NOT been necessary for the government to tax the income of the Citizens to pay for the government's activities or needs, and the income tax is NOT used for purposes of raising revenue for the government, as is mistakenly believed by most of the good American People. The Truth is that raising money was never the intended purpose of the income tax. The government itself admits that taxing for revenue is obsolete and unnecesary, and has been since the late 1940's. They tax to effect social and monetary policies and reforms that are used to control our entire society and its development, or lack thereof.

The Truth about the Income Tax is that it is the mechanism that has been used by the government to SEIZE CONTROL of America and its People ! The Truth is that it is the mechanism that has been used by the government to reverse the proper role of government in America as the servant of We the People, who are supposed to be the Masters of the national "house". The Truth about the income tax is that it is the reason why we are now RULED by the government, rather than REPRESENTED by them !

The Truth about the income tax is that 100 percent of the tax is consumed by debt interest before one penny is spent by the government. The interest on debt exists, not because the reserve bank actually had the mooney to lend us, but because we let the private corporate reserve bankers, and only those bankers, have an unconstitutional monoploy on the power to manufacture money (buy currency from the mint) and issue credit. The income tax is not about paying for government services, its about the government controlling your wealth so that it is spent on what they want done (war in Iraq to control the oil resources for private profits), instead of representing what you want done with it (a plan for decent health care for the nation).

The Truth about the income tax "system" in America today is that while the letter of the law, as it is actually written in the law, is Constitutional, the IRS does NOT enforce the written Law, it enforces a myth that does not actually exist in law. The truth of the matter is that the collection and enforcement system that the IRS operates blatantly violates BOTH the written Law AND the Constitution ! Specifically, its twice specified prohibitions on direct taxation..

It seems that certain elements of the government itself are irreconcilably in conflict with the Supreme Law of the land, the Constitution of the United States of America. They are actively engaged in an outright rebellion against the Constitutional provisions prohibiting direct taxation of the People (unless apportioned to the States for collection).

The limitations on direct taxation in Article I of the Constitution have never been repealed or amended, but they are ignored and actively and openly violated by the government. The government willfully and intentionally violates these provisions of the Constitution, choosing to intentionally ignore the controlling clauses of Article I prohibiting direct taxation, and thereby rendering meaningless these provisions of the Constitution.

Specifically, the Circuit Courts and the Executive Branch of the government have chosen to use an obviously faulty and incorrect interpretation of the 16th Amendment to enter into a conspiracy of Treason against the American People in order to operate and propagate an unconstitutional tax system of intimidation and theft that gives far more power to the government than it is authorized by the Constitution to possess.

Surprisingly (to most Americans), the Constitution contains within it the authorization for a fundamental system of taxation, sufficient to provide for both the operation of the government's legitimate functions (as laid out in the Constitution) and the solvency of the nation, wherein the government is absolutely prohibited from demanding money from the People in the name of tax.

I'll repeat that: the Constitution prohibits the Federal government from demanding money from the People in the name of tax.

The Supreme Court, in the Brushaber and Stanton decisions of 1916, declare that the income tax, under the newly enacted 16th Amendment, does not create for the government any new power to tax. Ruling that because the tax is without apportionment (by virtue of the wording of the Amendment itself) then the tax that is authorized by the Amendment must be an Indirect tax because the provisions of Article I, at Section 2 - Clause 3, and Article 1, Section 9 - Clause 4, still prohibit any direct tax from being laid unless it is laid in proportion to the census and apportioned to the States for collection. Since these pre-existing prohibitions and requirements on direct taxation in Article I were not repealed, anulled, or amended in conjunction with the passage of the 16th Amendment, clearly Congress never intended to remove this restriction/prohibition on direct taxation. Therefore, in order for the Constitution to remain consistent and not become inherently contradictory it is absolutely necessary to intepret the 16th Amendment as authorizing an Income Tax as an INdirect tax, NOT a direct one. This is completely and totally evident when one reads the Opinion of the Supreme Court in the Brushaber case, clearly stating in the first sentence of the first paragraph that the income tax is a tariff. I'll repeat: the Supreme Court says the income tax is a TARIFF. You do know that a tariff is a foreign tax, not paid by citizens on domestic activities, but is only paid by persons engaged in the importation of goods, commodities, services amd labor from FOREIGN COUNTRIES. The Constitution, of course, gives the government authority and jursidcition over all foreign affairs: treaties with foreign nations, foreign trade policies, and foreign persons in the United States (including the fifty states). The income tax under the letter of the law, it turns out, is a foreigm tariff taxing that foreign jurisdiciton, AND NOTHING MORE ! A Tariff, of course is one form of an "impost", which is one of the three categories of INDIRECT taxation provided for in the Constitution (imposts, duties and excises at Article 1, Section 8, Clause 1)

Article I still today absolutely prohibits the Federal government from taxing the American People directly unless the tax is laid in proportion to the census and apportioned to the State governments for collection. We the People have substantially more right to rely on these Constitutional guarantees of protection from heavy-handed (direct) taxation, than the government has right to rely on the false claim that the 16th Amendment authorizes a direct tax and to therefore allege that a tax is (suddenly) due on anything and everything that any Citizen does or makes.

The Circuit courts and the Executive Branch of the government have chosen to operate in direct contradiction to this INDIRECT finding/ruling since Franklin Roosevelt was president. This rebellion within the government has, to this day, gone unannounced, remains unpublicized, and is still unaddressed by the American People. But the havoc and tyranny and despostism unleashed upon the American People by these treasonous snakes is obvious and apparent to anyone today familiar with the horror known as IRS tax collection operations.

The 1916 Supreme Court decisions were sound because the court recognized the potential inherent conflict created by the passage of the 16th Amendment - i.e. Article 1 demands that direct taxes be apportioned and prohibits direct taxation unless apportioned, while the 16th Amendment lays the income tax as a tax without apportionment. If the income tax is construed to be a direct tax, we have engineered the creation of an inherent contradiction within the Constitution by interpretation not actual language of the document, and thus rendered it worthless as a foundation at law upon which We the People can rely upon for the protection of our Rights and property. (Does it protect you from the takings of the IRS today ?).

In order to maintain the consistency of the Constitution, and in order to prevent it from coming into direct conflict with itself, the Court determined that 16th Amendment does not create any new power to tax, i.e.:the power to tax directly and without apportionment. So, as a tax without apportionment, the income tax must be laid as an INdirect tax, not a direct tax in order to not violate the other provisions of the Constitution regarding direct taxation.

Now, Indirect taxes are divided into three categories by the Constitution. Imposts, duties and excises. Imposts and duties are primarily related to the import and export of goods into and out of the country, as are tariffs, and are mostly collected at the border. But the Brushaber Supreme Court opinion tells us at page 12, in paragraph 2: "2. The act provides for collecting the tax at the source; that is, makes it the duty of corporations, etc. to retain and pay the sum of the tax ...", and thus begins our investigation of the Withholding Agent, and their actual authority defined in the law. Since this is stated by the Supreme Court to be a TARIFF that is WITHHELD AT THE SOURCE FROM SUBJECT PERSONS rather than to be collected at the borders as with most tariffs.

Now, while the Court in Brushaber calls the (income tax) Act under review a (foreign) tariff - it recognizes that where applied to certain privileged or licensed activies, the income tax is entitled to be enforced as an excise. This is partly because "excise" is the only category of Indirect taxation left for the income tax to "fit" into when applied outside of the foreign jurisdiction granted by the Constitution. Excise taxes are taxes that are assumed by those persons who engage in activities that are made subject to the excise tax, and thus arise the claims that the tax is "voluntary" i.e- must be assumed by (voluntarily) engaging in some taxable activity. If one does not want to pay the tax, he simply can choose not to participate in the taxable activity (like selling alcohol, tobacco or firearms).

The IRS today however, alleges and operates as if, and under the claim that, the 16th Amendment did indeed authorize the income tax as a direct tax without apportionment. This position is based on a number of obviously erroneous Circuit Court (inferior) rulings that have been handed down after 1916 - when the Supreme Court established the Constitutional truth (as laid out above). In these Circuit Court rulings, constitutionally ignorant or consciously treasonous judges rule that the 16th Amendment did authorize a new power to tax - i.e.: directly and without apportionment, foolishly reasoning that since the tax is authorized by the Amendment to be without apportionment it must be Direct (even though the Amendment does not say that), while ignoring the inherent conflict engineered within the Constitution by virtue of their ruling, and while ignoring the explicit correct logic, reasoning and decision of the Supreme Court handed down earlier, which should stand as the final word from the legal system. The Circuit Courts have apparently chosen to ignore the Supreme Court's rulings and controlling decisions and have created a line of decisions that are in direct conflict with both the Supreme Court and any consistent interpretation or reading of the Constitution of the United States of America, and that is a crime against America that must be addressed by the People of this great Nation.

So, the Circuit Courts and the Executive Branch (Treasury/IRS) have apparently chosen to ignore the Constitution and the Supreme Court, and operate in direct contradiction to, and in conflict with, the actual written law, the Constitution, and the Supreme Court rulings, in outright rebellion against all of them.

This rebellion within the government itself remains unpublicized and unaddressed to this day, and therein lies the heart of the conflict in America today over the income tax laws. It's not the laws, or Section 61, or Section 1, or Section 6012, or anything else the government may allege in its futile attempts to undermine the People's knowledge of the Truth, it is this rebellion within the government itself, and the conflict between the People and the government over this issue will never be resolved until this treasonous rebellion within the government (by the judicial and executive branches) is recognized and addressed, and HALTED, restoring a Constitutional operation to our government's existence and tax collection systems.

Personally, I know the Supremes got it right in 1916. The income tax authorized by the 16th Amendment MUST be construed as an indirect tax (a tariff under Subtitle A and an excise under Subtitle E), or we have allowed the effective destruction (by interpretation) of the Constitution and one of its most important protections of our Rights and private property from the hand of the tyrant - the prohibiiotn on unlimited and continuous, arbitrary, and heavy handed, direct takings by the "State" in the name of taxation.

Might I remind you that income tax is the 2nd plank of the Communist Manifesto and no one can be forced to practice a particular political philosophy. However, the government seems to have discovered that the People can indeed be induced without force to "voluntarily" practice and support a political philosophy that they obviously do not understand (even one that they profess to hate like communism), if just only a few of them (the People) are intimidated, threatened, robbed, and arbitrarily imprisoned enough to scare the others into obeying without objection - (it's a herd mentality - panic everyone in the "herd" into running in the same direction by killing a few weaklings in the herd at the edge).

The government (and our court's) duplicitous behavior concerning the income tax is despicable, amoral, and in the end - unlawful and unconstitutional, and ultimately, History will condemn all those who participated in engineering and maintaining this monumental fraud in the name of tax under mere color of law against the American People.

I would also point out that there is Another Clear Violation of the Constitution involved in all of this.

As a final note I would like to ask why the money allegedly collected for this tax is not actually deposited in the U.S. Treasury as required by law (Title 26 USC 7809), but instead appears to be routed around the Treasury to the coffers of the private corporation known as the Federal Reserve bank, which in reality is no more Federal than Federal Express or Federated Department Stores? Where does the Constitution authorize a tax to be paid to (or collected by or for) a private corporate bank ?


What does it take to get the American people to protest the injustice, cruelty, and outright brutality of the IRS tax collection system ?

The Internal Revenue Code provides that the IRS shall not levy on anyone's residence. That is their way of saying that no one should be evicted from their home over tax matters. That law should protect everyone, young and old, from being evicted by the IRS.

But it doesn't. On the next page, the law says that the IRS District Director has the power to over-ride the law that Congress wrote. Of course, Congress also wrote this law that makes the District Director a dictator over the lives of all Americans. Congress is responsible for the resulting abuses of power.

Another example. The law sets up a Taxpayer Advocate with power to order the IRS to cease any action which would be a hardship on the citizen. Good protection ? Hardly. On the next page, the District Director and a lot of other people are given the power to over-ride anything and everything that the Taxpayer Advocate orders. He is a powerless joke, created by Congress.

Read about it at Internal Revenue Code sections 6334 and 7811. Just two examples of the horrible cynicism of Congress. And some Congressmen claim that nothing can be done about it. Repeal, anyone?

Meanwhile, the IRS goes on ruining lives, creating misery (even "hardship"), usually choosing its victims from among the poor, the weak, the helpless, or other easy marks.

How many heart attacks, how many strokes, how many gunshot wounds from trigger-happy government agents, how many suicides, how many forced into homelessness and despair will it take before the American people demand, "No more!" ?

How many victims of the tax system will it take for someone to write a letter, or an E-mail, or make a phone call to some Congressmen, including yours ?

What does it take to say that you disapprove of evicting people from their homes, of using deadly force, of preying on helpless hardship cases, of cruelty and brutality beyond that seen anywhere in the civilized world ?

How much of this has to happen before you say that this sort of thing has got to stop, in the name of decency, and of humanity, and of civilization ?

How much, to say that Congress must act to correct this obscene abuse of power which Congress itself has unleashed upon the people ?

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